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College Hoops Top 25 (1/24)

You know what's better than being able to say I told you so? Having other people telling you, that you told them so, and having them thank you for it. Well, after an amazing weekend of football, which saw the Patriots and Giants both advance to the Super Bowl in different variations of a game ending field goal, that's exactly what's been being said to me. And it's been fantastic. Granted it was a little sobering when I found out that Patriots' beat writer, Mike Reiss, made the exact same prediction before the season even started, but that's not gonna take me down from this high. No sir. Now, I'll just have to spend 2 weeks figuring out a way to navigate around that 3 point spread that Vegas has so annoyingly bestowed upon us. Brutal. Oh well, at least Gronk should provide some relief from the madness when he takes the mic for Super Bowl media day. Yeah, should be instant classic type stuff, and if you didn't know that that's what you should be anticipating almost as much as the game, then there ya you. Consider yourself given the proverbial "heads up"...

Sports Entertainment personified.
But we'll have plenty of time for that in the 2 weeks leading up to this thing. Now, it's time to roll out the latest edition of my College Hoops Top 25. Naturally, Syracuse fell the first week I actually had them ranked at #1, but their fall from the top spot is only the first of many changes that see a Top 10 that has just as many teams in it from the Big East as it does the Mountain West. Check it out, and feel free to let me know what you think. I'm sure there's gotta be a Duke fan or two out there that's not going to enjoy the fact that one Big East team in particular has slid ahead of them in the rankings. Then again, I know there's probably a few fans of another ACC team that'll be pleased to see that I ranked their club so high. Like I said, you got comments, I'd love to hear 'em. It's highly unlikely that I'll take any of what you say into account, but I'm always down to listen and critique...


College Hoops Top 25
1. Kentucky (19-1) 2

I still worry about their guard play, but I'm not longer worried about having to figure out who the most talented player in the country is. It's UK freshman big man, Anthony Davis. He's still not nearly at his potential, but he improves literally every time I see him play. He, along with Michael Kidd Gilchrist, should help this team overcome a lot of it's back court issues, and should pre season All American Terrence Jones ever decide to show up, these Cats could prove to literally be the "toughest" out in this year's tournament...

Oh snap, I forgot to go to class!
Oh, sorry. He speaks Spanish. Translation: Que?
2. Syracuse (21-1) 1

Depth can be a double edged sword when you depend on that depth to win. That's what the Syracuse Orange found out when they lost Fab Melo to what is being termed an "academic issue". AKA He's failing some classes. Either way. If Syracuse can get Melo back, they're still one of the best teams in the country. However, should he remain on the sidelines, they merely become another Top 10 like team. Still plenty talented to compete at the highest level, but no longer considered a front runner for the National title. Now word is he should be back sooner rather than later, which is why I still have them here at #2. IF it appeared he was going to miss a lot more time, I wouldn't have hesitated to drop them all the way to 5th behind Kansas...

3. Ohio St. (17-3) 3

4. Missouri (18-1) 8

Beating Baylor in Waco. Who would have ever thought that would be the ultimate resume builder? It certainly was for the Tigers, and I can't disagree that their meteoric rise isn't unwarranted. They're tenacious defenders and effective scorers. My only concern is that their small, and they only run 7 deep. Didn't hurt them in out rebounding the much larger Bears, though, so maybe I'll just couch those concerns for the time being. They're very balanced, and should prove tough to handle from here on out...
What? Do you think you're a
fake Doctor, or something?

5. Kansas (16-3) 4

6. Marquette (16-4) 10

7. Duke (16-3) 5

I think using Austin Rivers off the bench is a great idea, and Duke fans should, too. Unfortunately, it looks like Coach K just sat his prized recruit to send him a message. Then again, maybe he'll go back to that tactic after the latest loss at home to Florida St. Probably not, seeing as Rivers led the team in scoring in that game, but I really think that's where a pure scorer such as Rivers would be the most effective, and be able to do the most for this team...

8. San Diego St. (17-2) 14

FACT: The Mountain West is the best conference that nobody ever talks about. Even if you want to call it top heavy, having 2 teams in the Top 10 makes it a pretty damn heavy top, wouldn't you say? Not to mention that teams like New Mexico, Wyoming and Colorado St. aren't exactly pushovers, dude...

9. UNLV (18-3) 11

10. North Carolina (16-3) 6

11. Michigan St. (16-4) 7

When you're as efficient as you are talented, it can be a dangerous combination.
12. Creighton (18-2) 15

Get to know Doug McDermott. Or don't, and let him and his Creighton Blue Jays bust your bracket. Either way works for me, just as long as we're in the same pool...

13. Baylor (17-2) 9

14. St. Mary's (19-2) 19

15. Georgetown (16-3) 16

16. Florida (15-4) 20

17. Florida St. (13-6) NR

There are usually two things you can always say about Leonard Hamilton's Seminoles. They're physical and they're inconsistent. This year, with a home throttling of UNC and a road win at Cameron Indoor over Duke, it's quite possible they've put their inconsistencies behind them. Games against Georgia Tech and Wake Forest should be good indications if they were just getting up for the big games, or are actually ready to be legitimate players on the National level. The fact that they're 8-3 since the start of December tends to suggest the latter, but with such a mercurial track record, especially away form their own gym, you can never be too sure. Still, they're playing some of the best ball in the country right now, so 6 losses or not, they're more than worthy of a stop in my Top 25...

18. Murray St. (20-0) 17

19. Michigan (15-5) 18

Can Lamb play the role of Kemba? And if so, where's the new Lamb?
20. UCONN (14-5) 12

Losses to Cincinnati and Tennessee probably look a lot worse than they really are, but UCONN should have won at least one of those games. I'm also starting to get the impression that this team thinks they'll just be able to "turn it on" come March. Maybe they can, but barring Kemba Walker walking through that door, I'm more inclined to believe that a strategy like that will only get them an early exit and a lot of questions about what went wrong...

21. Mississippi St. (16-4) 22

22. Virginia (15-3) 21

23. Kansas St. (14-4) 25

24. Indiana (16-4) 13

Just 4-4 in conference after going 12-0 outside. Not exactly what a lot of IU fans probably had in mind after their red hot start. Still, they snapped their 3 game losing streak with a win over Penn St., and will not get a chance to again prove their legitimacy with games @ both Wisconsin & Michigan coming up over the next 10 days. I don't like their chances in those games, but at this point their resume warrants me giving them the benefit of the doubt. That won't last for long, though...

25. Vanderbilt (14-5) NR

just missed: Wisconsin; West Virginia; Harvard; Gonzaga; Wichita St.; Louisville

dropped: (23) Gonzaga; (24) Louisville

Games to Watch
Michigan @ Purdue
South Florida @ Marquette
San Diego St. @ Wyoming
Tennessee @ Vanderbilt

Minnesota @ Michigan St.
Notre Dame @ Seton Hall
Florida St. @ Wake Forest
Auburn @ Arkansas

North Carolina St. @ North Carolina
Indiana @ Wisconsin
Butler @ UW Milwaukee
Nevada @ New Mexico St.

Harvard @ Yale

West Virginia @ Syracuse
Texas @ Baylor
Mississippi St. @ Florida
St. Mary's @ BYU
Arkansas @ Alabama
Purdue @ Northwestern
Washington @ Arizona

Michigan @ Ohio St.
Notre Dame @ UCONN

Missouri @ Texas
Pittsburgh @ West Virginia

Hope you enjoyed, friends, and I'll catch you on Friday. I know there won't be any football to break down, but I'm sure I can think of somethin'. Have a great week...

Teddy Williams...



Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think you post these rankings just to piss me off! Marquette over Duke? Cmon broseph Marquette is pedestrian at best and they belong in disney seriously! I think their home court should be in Epcot Center and that Pluto or Mickey Mouse should be their center....Duuuuuuuuke!

Brett Ferruccio said...

I will neither confirm nor deny that reasoning behind my decision to rank Marquette ahead of Duke. That being said, they've got cooler uniforms and a coach named Buzz. That's enough for me... Buzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

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