Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Week 14 Picks: Pujols Heads West, While Paul Stays Put...

You know what's a fun aspect of being me? Yesterday, I had a 20 minute debate with my friend, about the proper coaching etiquette to be used when a team is down by 3 in basketball game with just seconds left.  To foul, or not to foul.  Whether it's legitimate to tell your team it's more important to draw a foul than in it is to actually attempt to score.  Really riveting stuff, for a nerd such as myself.  So what's a not so pleasant aspect of being me? The fact that I'm a Red Sox fan, and I now live in a world where the Sox are at best, the 3rd best team in the American League.  Oh well, at least I can take solace in knowing what happened to the last team that was crowned the king of the MLB off season...

Pujols, Paul, and an ass load of picks.  Probably some Tebow, too.  IT's week 14, friends.  Now let's get to it!

Albert Pujols & CJ Wilson just changed the MLB landscape.
But will they win right away?
I'm sorry, but I can't help be envious of the Anaheim Angels and the two presents they've now got neatly wrapped under their tree.  I also can't help but remember the fact that, this time last year, the Red Sox were being talked about in the exact same manner...

So, what does this all mean?  Absolutely nothing.  Did the Angels get considerably better?  Of course they did.  Are they now the favorites to win the World Series?  Of course they are.  DO they still need to make it through 162 games healthy and on good speaking terms with their coach, if they're going to amount to anything?  You bet your ass they do.  And while I love Mike Scioscia, and am a big fan of his chances for success, the last guy to be handed a bounty like this had 1 additional World Series title than the former Dodgers catcher, and is now working for ESPN after having his impeccable reputation dragged through the mud...

I do like the fact that this puts a legitimate power on the West Coast, though.  Should make for a much more interesting regular season, at the very least.  As for the Angels World Series prospects, allow me be the first one to tell you that their not gonna win it this year.  They could very well win 2 in the next 3 years, but let the 2011 Red Sox serve as an example.  Oh, which reminds me.  If my prediction from last year is gonig to prove correct, it's those very 2011 Red Sox that should be taking down the 2012 World Series title...

As for the Chris Paul trade, and the way it was unceremoniously nixed last night by the NBA, I can't help but laugh.  IT's like the scene from HBO's Too Big To Fail, where the US government has a deal for London based Barclays to purchase most of the struggling Lehman Brothers, only to learn in the 23rd hour that the British government would never approve it.  Something they should have found out before they made move one, but a piece of information that they waited, for whatever reason, til the last moment to unearth.  I mean, if the NBA owns the Hornets, how does this "deal" get that far without the NBA letting everyone involved know that there's no way they'd let it go through?  Hahaha.  Like I said, it's just laughable.  Just when the NBA was saving some face by avoiding an entire season lost to labor strife, they pull something like this.  And the action alone doesn't even speak to the ridiculous precedent this sets.  That's why the league is a joke, and will never even come close to returning to it's glory years of the 80's and 90's...

Oh, and Danny Ainge is the court's biggest jester.  But that's something I don't even wanna waste my time with.  Yeah, blatantly lying to your players through the media.  Because that's usually a strategy used by all the good GMs.  Freakin putz...

Haha and Lamar Odom crying when he heard he was dealt makes him a huge Ted, too.  It also answered any (if possible) lingering questions as to who the dude was in his relationship (HINT: It's the Kardudian).

The whole league is just a bunch of millionaire cry babies, even compared to other sports.  And I think we all know that's saying an awful lot...

OK, that's enough of that.  Let's get down to some picks...      

Week 14 Picks

New England Patriots (-7) @ Washington Redskins

Last week, I would have been wise to listen to my own advice, and picked the Colts and the points instead of trying to ride with the Pats, despite the statistical evidence that was right in my face.  However, its that relative 4th quarter collapse, which saw the Patriots blow a 28 point lead to only win by 7, that's serving as my motivation for picking them to cover the 8 they're being spotted this week on the road in Washington.  Belichick wasn't pleased with the late game effort, either, and as a result, the Pats worked out in full pads this week for the first time since early November...

Now, it may sound quirky, but without that knowledge, I probably would have picked the Pats to win, but not to cover against a team and at a venue in which they typically struggle.  Instead, I'll take the Pats almost solely based on the fact that Bill must have lit a fire under them this week, and that we could easily be in store for one of those tailor made blowouts, in which the Pats again revert to looking like world beaters.  The Redskins aren't awful, I'll give them that, but I'm just of the opinion that this game is more about the Patriots than it is about the Redskins, and that with some added motivation behind them, the Pats should leave little doubt at the end of this one as to whether or not they covered the spread...  

New York Jets (-9) vs Kansas City Chiefs

I told you last week that the Jets were just beginning to hit their stride, and that they'd be dangerous from there on out.  Well, here ya go.  I don't care who is quarterbacking the Chiefs, I like the Jets to control the clock, and get enough big plays to cover that number.  Like a 20-10 score, or something like that.  24-9 was actually what I had been thinking all week, so let's go with that...

Tennessee Titans (+3.5) vs New Orleans Saints

If you're looking for an upset, this game is as good as any.  Seems shady, with the Saints rolling of late, I know, but think about this.  Another time the Saints were rolling, just under a year ago, they went on the road and got clipped by a team that many said didn't stand a chance.  That team, was the Seattle Seahawks (last year's playoffs), and that QB, was Matty Hasselbeck.  He's with the Titans, now, and at 7-5, he's the leader of a team that's in desperate need of a win.  Both for their playoff chances, and for the slim chance they still have at catching the dinged up Texans for the division title.  Home is usually a good place to get those wins, and I feel the Titans could do just that against a road team that's built for turf...

Denver Broncos (-3.5) vs Chicago Bears + UNDER 36

It's the Tebow pick, but this week, it doesn't come with points.  Freaking public, jumpin' on the bandwagon. I'm still taking him, though, if only at this point out of principle.  I'm also a fan of the under.  Not only does Von Miller return for Denver against a Marion Barber and Caleb Hanie led Chicago offense, but the Bears actually have the idlea personell (fast and savvy LBs) to help confine Tebow for most of the game.  It'll be int he 4th quarter when, with the stadium rockin', he'll make his move and put the game out of reach.  Ya know, like a final TD drive when they're down 3 to give them a 4 point win.  Like 17-13.  Yeah, that would work just fine...

Atlanta Falcons (-2.5) @ Carolina Panthers

I've been taking the Falcons out of reverse spite, but this week I'm going with the match up.  If there's one thing Atlanta can do, it's run the bean, and if there's one thing the Panthers are completely inept at, it's stopping the run.  Yeah, yeah, Cam Newton is Pimp #1. I understand.  But it's tough to win when you can't stop the run, and I'm banking on that inability proving too much for them to overcome...

Houston Texans (+3) @ Cincinnati Bengals

I wrestled with this one a long time.  The Bengals (7-5) really need this, but the Texans, as dinged up as they are, are still monsters against the spread (8-3-1, 4-2-0 on the road).  Tough call, and you know what?  A tough call that will probably just end in this freaking thing being a PUSH.  So, yeah.  Pick whoever.  Vegas is ill, and this is just another example of them screwing with our minds...  

Miami Dolphins (-3) vs Philadelphia Eagles

I guess you could say this every time the Eagles play, but this week's tilt really is the embodiment of a "team" going up against a "collection of players".  Miami's rebounded to play well, despite having no reason to do so, and the Eagles just whine, bitch, and underachieve, despite having one of best rosters, on paper, that the league has ever seen.  Vick, or no Vick, I'm apt to roll with the team that's at home, and actually playing well.  Sure, the Eagles could put it together at any second, but with their playoff hopes gone the way of the Bad Newz Kennels, I find it difficult to believe that they'll find incentive enough to pull of this upset.  Haha. You hear that, Philly?  It's week 14 and it would be an upset if you beat the freaking Dolphins.  Weren't they "Sucking for Luck" like 3 weeks ago?!??  Bahahahaha.  Freakin Philly.  Go have a some Cheez Whiz drenched dog food, and leave the rest of us alone...

San Francisco 49ers (-4) @ Arizona Cardinals

The way the Cardinals have been closing lately (impressively enough for a friend of mine to suggest their kick returner, Patrick Peterson, for Rookie of the Year and not get laughed at) I was really tempted to take them, but San Fran's still just been too damned good against the spread.  They've run that record up to 10-1-1, and even with the Division in hand, I expect them to keep their foot down as they chase that first round bye...

It's your world, Teebster...
New York Giants (+3.5) @ Dallas Cowboys + OVER 48.5

How big is Tim Tebow?  NBC was gonna boot Giants/Cowboys so they could put him on in prime time.  Pretty impressive.  Which reminds me.  I didn't think Tim Tebow would be an effective NFL QB, but he has been.  I don't think he will be long term, but there's NO denying the fact that he's helping his team win games...

The analysts that are still trying to resist his success, are just flat out embarrassing to listen to.  It's like their offended that the guy is winning games, and that the public perception is that he has more to do with it than he does.  A) He's not turning the ball over, and he's playing well in the 4th quarter AND B) No player in the NFL is EVER worthy of all the credit or blame they are given for their team's success.  Not Tom Brady, not Aaron Rodgers, and not Tim Tebow.  Yet, the "football guys" out there are so insecure, that they can't just accept that this is what that is...

Was Tom Brady the only reason the Patriots won the Super Bowl?  Of course not.  Do people treat him that way?  Of course they do.  There's nothing wrong with that, but that's exactly what's happening with Tim Tebow.  Not saying he's 1/50th the QB Brady is, but this "giving disproportionate praise" thing is nothing new, and everyone going out of their way to take credit from Tebow, is really just saying that they're either confused by his success and therefore don't want to accept it, OR that they're jealous of him, being able to play such a high profile position at such a low level, yet get so much respect.  Either way, it's disgusting to hear verbalized on radio and TV, and I'm afraid that at least for the foreseeable future, those conversations aren't going to go away...

Little Tebow rant, there.  Sorry about that, but it was bound to happen.  Here's a look at the rest of the slate.  Watch the Ravens smoke the Colts by 30, those shady bastards...both of 'em, in case you were wondering...

Baltimore Ravens (-16.5) vs Indianapolis Colts

Minnesota Vikings (+8) @ Detroit Lions

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (pick) @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Green Bay Packers (-11) vs Oakland Raiders

San Diego Chargers (-7) vs Buffalo Bills

Monday Night

Seattle Seahawks (-5.5) vs St. Louis Rams

Petey's pumpin' fists and Marshawn's swillin Skittles.  Just too bad for them there was actually a legitimate team in their division, this year.  Seattle is playing really well, though, and with that 12th man they bring in the form of their crowd (you might wanna take note, Gillette), they'll be tough to beat on Monday Night.  I doubt I'll watch a second of it, but I bet they win by more than 5 1/2 points...

Last Week: 10-7-1

Overall: 119-88-5 (.574)

NCAA Top 25 Picks
Was looking real good there for a while that I'd have a shot to finish on the happy side of 70%, this year, but I limped home like Eight Belles, and I fell just short.  Next year, and hey.  I can still redeem myself with the BCS games.  Too bad the same can't be said of those games for the NCAA...

Anyway, here's to you, 2011 College Football Season.  It was a fun ride.  We made some cakes, saw some hot coeds.  A good time was had by all.  Oh, which reminds me.  Here you go, one more time, just for good measure...

God bless you girls.  If that's not reason enough to attempt to achieve a higher education, I don't know what is.  Well, I guess if there were jobs to be had, that would be a pretty good reason, too...

Last Week: 5-5-0

Overall: 99-53-3 (.649)

That's it for me, friends.  Good luck to you all, and have a great weekend...

Teddy Williams...



Anonymous said...

Let it be known that you lost that agrument about basketball etiquete..but then again I feel like I win most arguments

Brett Ferruccio said...

But you're an anonymous Ted who still doesn't know how to use their computer. So who really won, I ask you? Answer: Verizon wireless.

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