Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Week 11 Picks: A Fine Example...

Last week, it was Penn St. football.  This week, it's Syracuse basketball?! Oh dear...

Yep, longtime Jim Boeheim assistant, Bernie Fine, is the latest to be labeled a child molester, accused by 2 former ball boys for sexually abusing them for more or less the last 30 years.  And while I'm in a terrible position to try to defend Fine right now (Syracuse affiliation, etc.), there are already a myriad of signs that seem to indicate that what we're NOT dealing with here, is another Jerry Sandusky...

Cover up? Money grab? Either way, it's bad news for SU...
Obviously, with the news having broke about 18 hours ago, we still have very few facts, and it probably is my inner-Orange that's helping me jump to these early conclusions, but from everything we've heard so far, this story seems to hold very little water.  An accuser, who 6 years ago couldn't even get his own witnesses to corroborate his story when the University and local police investigated his claims?  And now a second accuser is coming forward, that just so happens to be the first accuser's step brother??  I know, as with Penn St., it could turn out the entire system is corrupt, and that's why all these accusations had been pushed under the rug, but in contrast to the situation with Jerry Sandusky, these accusations don't nearly seem as well founded, and at least so far, aren't nearly as wide spread...

I'm not trying to attack the victim, Bobby Davis, and I hope if he was wronged he can get justice.  It's just that my current opinion, helped in no small part my the strong words of support from Jim Boeheim (don't remember that from Paterno), happens to be that this kid is more about trying to score a few quick bucks than he is about making sure a child molester doesn't go unpunished.  The timing of it sucks, his story doesn't hold too much water (you've been sitting on this at least 8 years and this is what you came forth with? That Boeheim saw you on his bed once?), and the facts that both the Syracuse police and ESPN's Outside the Lines more or less passed on this story due to lack of evidence really just all have me thinkin' this could be a work of straight up fiction.  Again, I'll admit it's way too early to come to any sort of concrete conclusions, but as we sit here today, that's just how I see it...
I hope this isn't Jim Boeheim a week from now...
Either way, Bernie Fine is probably finished, and this whole "I got touched by a college coach in the 90's" train is just starting to get up to speed.  It's already been an ugly ride at Penn St., and it appears to be getting ugly at Syracuse, but if these latest watered down allegations against Fine are any indication, this thing might not be over til it's affected every division 1 school with the pockets deep enough to pay.  It's gonna turn into a straight money grab, both for alleged victims and for the layers and media people with which their in cahoots.  And all of that back dealing, in the end, will trivialize all the legitimate victims and set a poor example for the same children that those lawyers and journalists are claiming to be making the world safer for.  It's just a fucked up system, it's really as simple as that.  And I'm not saying that to try and give Syracuse a pass, it's just fucked up that now a bunch of people are going to make a lot of money from all this.  It might be even sicker than the actual molestations...

But enough about the trials and tribulations of alleged kid touchers.  Lord knows we've talked about it enough these past few weeks.  Let's get down to picking some games, and lining some pockets.  You've got food, booze and presents to buy, and I'm here to help you out.  Mostly with the booze, but I'll take a present if you really want to give me one.  Just make sure it's booze...


Week 11 Picks
Green Bay Packers (-14) vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Someone on the MNF broadcast had a throwaway line that went kind of like, "Well, then again, the Bucs could come in here and beat 'em next week".  Talking about the Packers, how ill they were, but how any team was prone to slipping up.  Now, if I were smart, I'd take the Bucs and the points.  Why?  Well, I'm of the belief that since I heard that, I have to factor it into my "karmic cycle".  You know, the thing I use to justify losing?  Had I not heard it, it wouldn't matter, but seeing as I did, I'm of the opinion that I'd be wise to take the Bucs and the points, so I can look like an absolute genius when they pull the unlikely upset...

Did you get all that?  Yeah, me either.  Well, whatever.  I'm taking the Packers and the points, because Green Bay is the best team in the league, and Tamp Bay isn't.  Matter of fact, they've been pretty lousy.  So there.  Getcha belt on, Beard.  Getcha belt on...

Atlanta Falcons (-6) vs Tennessee Titans

I'm one of those guys that liked Mike Smith's OT call on 4th & 1 in his own end, last week.  Hey, if you can't get that yard, you can't win championships, and that's what they're trying to do there.  I don't love the call, but I wouldn't be upset that he made it, I'd be more upset that the team couldn't pull through...

This week, I like their chances to run the ball against Tennessee, and not allow Chris Johnson to do the same to them.  The Titans have been shady good at times this year, but the Falcons are just too good a home team, and in too desperate a spot (5-4) to let a great chance for a win go by the wayside...

Chicago Bears (-3.5) vs San Diego Chargers

Philip Rivers needs a date with the Bears defense about as badly as Jerry Sandusky needs a date to...

Oh, that's right.  It happened at Syracuse now, so it's not funny...

Whatever, Sandiddler...

Oh, and for those looking for names to mock Syracuse with, "The Dome Diddler" seems to be the early front runner.  Hey, just pointin' out the facts, here.  Trying to be an equal opportunity hater...of sorts...

You tell her, Pete!
Cincinnati Bengals (+7) @ Baltimore Ravens

The Bengals were just a tipped pas away from getting to overtime with the resurgent Steelers.  With the way the Ravens have been playing inconsistently all season, I'll take my chances with Cincy and the points...

Plus, last time I checked their QB still shared a name with Swayze's character from Road House.  Something I'm not gonna let go until the Bengals finally win one of these games...

*Unless AJ Green is out, in which case I'm rolling with the Ravens.

Arizona Cardinals (+9.5) @ San Francisco 49ers

Every one's picking the Niners this week, and while I'm not strictly going against the majority here, I'd lie if I said that wasn't my major motivation.  It also doesn't hurt that this SCREAMS trap game for San Fran, with the Harbaugh Bowl looming on Thanksgiving.  The Cardinals having won 2 straight doesn't hurt, either...

New York Giants (-4.5) vs Philadelphia Eagles

The G-Men want revenge, and thanks to Vicks injured ribs, there's already some blood in the water.  If the Giants don't come out and smoke the Eagles, well, then I'm just gonna lose a little more respect for a team I already don't really like.  Might be worth it just to see Tom Coughlin's reaction, though.  He's hilariously disgruntled.  Like the old guy and the midget...

Here's my take on the rest of the slate.  Didn't take the Seahawks at home last week, when I knew I should, and now I'm taking them on the road, when I know I shouldn't.  Yep, makes a lot of sense, the stuff I do.  But it's cool, I made up for it by calling Washington the "Tedskins" instead of the Redskins.  That's funny, right?  Tedskins???

Jacksonville Jaguars (pick) @ Cleveland Browns

Detroit Lions (-7) vs Carolina Panthers

Miami Dolphins (-2.5) vs Buffalo Bills

Oakland Raiders (pick) @ Minnesota + OVER 45

Washington Tedskins (+7.5) vs Dallas Cowboys

Seattle Seahawks (+2.5) @ St. Louis Rams

Monday Night

New England Patriots (-14.5) vs Kansas City Chiefs

A lot of talk gets made of former assistant coach's being able to "coach up" a lesser team when they're playing against their former boss, but even with Romeo Crennel on the Kansas City sidelines, this KC is too banged up to give the suddenly revitalized Patriots any sort of serious trouble.  Besides, you have to think Brady wants some revenge from when KC ended his season back in '08, right?  That's just how the guy ticks.  It's his M.O.  He won't say a word about it to the media, but I bet we'll see it in his actions both on the sidelines and in the end zone come Monday Night...

Oh and it the Patriots defense can perform on Monday at nearly the level they performed on Sunday against the Jets, get ready for them to be Super Bowl front runners again.  From down and out one week, to top of the world the next.  That's the freaking NFL, and it's why, right now, it's the greatest league goin'...

Last Week: 9-7-0

Overall: 99-73-2 (.575)

OK, so this week I planned on giving props to Oregon & Houston for their impressive gains in the polls.  Unfortunately, it was tougher looking for "hot Houston cougar" pictures than I would have imagined, and somehow I happened to stumble across a Florida chick who somehow makes underboobs look awkward.  Oh well, at least that Oregon chick is hot.  She's got that, "Tyra Banks when she used to be the chick who dated Will Smith on Fresh Prince of Bel Air", look goin'.  And I'm feelin' it.  Might even be a little Asian in there, too.  Mmmm, Tyrasian Banks.  Ain't nothin' wrong with that...

NCAA Top 25 Picks
Iowa St. (+27) vs (2) Oklahoma St.
Vintage. To quote Eddie Murphy:
"Ass is like BAM! Titties like BLAOW!"

(4) Oregon (-14.5) vs (18) USC

(25) Baylor (+15.5) vs (5) Oklahoma

(6) Arkansas (-13) vs Mississippi St.

California (+19) @ (8) Stanford

(10) Boise St. (-18) @ San Diego St.

(11) Houston (-20) vs SMU

 Illinois (+14.5) vs (15) Wisconsin

(16) Kansas St. (+8.5) @ Texas

(17) Nebraska (+3.5) @ (20) Michigan

Virginia (+17.5) @ (23) Florida St.

Last Week: 7-6-0

Overall: 79-37-2 (.678)

That's it for me, friends.  I'll catch you on Thanksgiving for some picks, and I'm sure as the weeks go by we'll get into some baseball hot stove, some college hoops, and probably another kid diddling scandal or two.  So keep it locked, here, and don't forget, for access to my Rooch thoughts on a more regular basis, sign up for Twitter and give me a follow.  Again, if you're not on Twitter and A) you enjoy breaking news and/or B) you ever go the bathroom, then you need to fix the situation.  Get on, get entertained, and get learned.  If anything, it'll give you an outlet for which to create an hilarious tag or handle for yourself.  Just a heads up, though.  Pretty sure @SandiddlerontheRoof is already taken.  So plan accordingly...

Have a great weekend, friends, and I'll catch you on the flipman...

Teddy Williams...



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