Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Interesting Times...

Lemme tell ya.  It may be unseasonably frigid out there, but there's nothing cold these days about both the local and nationals sports scenes.  Yup, written like a true 8th grade newspaper editor, right there.  Annnnnd boom goes the dynamite...

No, but really, between the Sox searching for a new skipper and positioning themselves for free agency, and the Patriots making news for all the wrong reasons both on and off the field, there's plenty to talk about, and a lot of legitimate discussions to be had.  And I'm not talking about the ones that involve Belichick being fired or Kevin Millar managing the Red Sox from atop some sort of massive horse, looking like the bastard son of Jeff Spiccoli and the Marlboro Man, with Jerry Remy riding next to him on a tiny donkey.  Hilarious notions, but about as realistic as...well as that donkey situation I mentioned with Jerry Remy.  Uh, Rem Dog.  I don't think you're supposed to feed those things cigarette filters...

The Patriot defense is still coming up short...
No, there are plenty of topics, from why can't Belichick put a decent defense together, to who the Red Sox decide to keep and let go, that should keep the rumor mills churning and the talking heads talking straight through to the New Year.  Not exactly for the most inspiring reasons, but it should certainly make for some inspirational, if not entertaining, discussions around the campfire, the water cooler, and off course the deliciously prepared turkey and stuffing...

Hey, the man said "may you live in interesting times", right?  And that we do.  And once the full weight of college basketball is thrown back into the mix, it'll go from interesting to straight up magical.  An historically interesting Red Sox off season, the 2nd half of an NFL season, college hoops with Cuse in the top 5, and a full Winter without and NBA or hockey talk?!?  IT really is the most wonderful time of the year!  Now I finally realize what he Hell Bing Crosby was so excited about.  OR was that Perry Cuomo?  Whatever, it was one of those dead crooners...

Oh, and I know I may be laughing alone, but it's hysterical how short of a time it took for the Bruins PinkHats to jump ship.  The team certainly isn't doing them any favors with their horrific start, but it really is a pathetic display.  By the fans, that is.  Those loyal, die hard Bruins fans.  Funny, I haven't run into any of those lately.  Oh right, probably because it's not May yet...

But that's enough hating on Bruin fan for today.  Not like they're paying attention, anyway...

Seem like I wasn't paying attention when I made my picks on Friday, but rest assured I'll bounce back strong with a solid performance in week 9.  Not sure how, yet, seeing as that's what I tried to do there in week 8, but trust me when I tell you I'm workin' on a solution.  A solution that, at least on the college side of things, will probably involve a half naked girl from LSU.  What?  If it ain't broke, right?  Pretty sure a man said that too, at some point...

NFL Picks
Last Week: 6-9-0

Overall: 79-61-4 (.563)

NCAA Picks
Last Week: 5-8-1

Overall: 63-34-1 (.648)

What? No good?
Oh and farewell to Tony La Russa, who retired yesterday just after winning his 3rd World Series title in his 33 year career.  He may have looked like Livia Soprano at his retirement press conference, and the news media may have been treating the story like he died, but that doesn't take away from the fact that he was a great manager, and baseball is a better place for having had him be a part of it.  I grew up on La Russa's A's teams, and he along with Bobby Cox were the first managers whose names and faces I actually knew.  He'll always hold a special place in my baseball memory because of that, and for that I'll be forever grateful.  I'll also probably never forget the time I suggested in my blog that he and Ron Washington were going to meet together at 2 AM in an Arby's parking lot to do drugs and defecate, either.  So for that, I'm am also forever grateful...

Good luck, Tony, and we'll be seeing you soon.  Ya know, when you make TMZ & for getting another DUI.  Remember, "EL-EM-EN-OH".  It's like a funny word, and it has "P" after it.  Don't pee when you say it, though, because from what I've seen on TV, cops don't take too kindly to that sort of thing...

See ya Friday, friends...

Teddy Williams...



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