Thursday, July 28, 2011

Finding Significance In the Sound & the Fury...

Newest Patriot, Albert Haynesworth: He wants your cocktail...FRUIT!
It's funny.  Here we are, in the midst of what will probably go down as the most active 2 weeks in the history of professional sports transactions (NFL free agency & MLB trade deadline), and I find myself in some sort of holding pattern.  Maybe it's the fact that my brain is still having trouble adjusting after working the morning news the past 3 days, I don't know.  Or maybe it's just that there's so much going on, that I'd rather wait for things to settle before I bust out the ole analysis stick.  Most likely it's a combination of the two, but that doesn't even really matter.  What matters, is that I've decided that instead of doing my usual thing this week, I'm going to take a week off, and let all the dominoes come to rest before I start sifting through the rubble.  Sounds like a cop out, I know, or at the very least, a poor mishmash of a few metaphors, but it's just more that I've got myself in sort of a tough position, time wise, and I've decided it's more prudent to wait things out than to jump right in.  Which is more my style, anyway, as a lot of you probably already know...

So, you wanna know who I think "won" in the aftermath of the NFL lockout?  What I think of what the Red Sox and Patriots did or didn't do during this unprecedented period of player movement?  Well, I'll have it all for ya.  Just not this week.  I know it probably breaks your heart, but that's just the way it has to be...

And that's that.  So get out there, kids, and enjoy.  Not just this great time in two of the sports most of us love  , but the final week of the greatest month that Summer, and arguably the year, has to offer, too.  It's just a great time to be a sports fan, right now, and the last thing I'd wanna do is ruin that with some half-assed analysis based on stuff that's frantically flying across the news wire.  Consider it a two part gift.  This time around, I free you up to go live you some life.  And next week, I hit you with the real truth, with a wide array of facts and perspective at mys disposal.  Pretty sweet deal, if you ask me.  And judging by the fact that you found your way to my site, I'm pretty sure you just did...

OK, friends.  Soak it all up, and we'll convene here again next week.  It's guaranteed to be a scene, man.  And while I'm not 100% sure yet, you may want to remember to bring something that protects you're eyes.  Just sayin'.  Consider yourselves having been given a "heads up"...

Catch you on the flipman...

Teddy Williams...



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