Saturday, December 26, 2009

Week 16 NFL Picks: Birfmas With The Beard...

Merry Christmas, boys and girls. Hope you all had a pleasant holiday because Lord knows I did. So pleasant, in fact, that all I have for you on this yuletide edition of the 'Nache, is straight up picks. The meat and potatoes, if you will. As if you already haven't stuffed your face enough over the past 48 hours...

I wish everyone the best of luck this week, especially those of you fortunate enough to still be in your fantasy playoffs. I'm in the title game for both of the leagues for which I'm involved, myself, which makes me a huge fantasy pimp, but that doesn't mean I still don't need all the good will and glad tidings I can get. So for one more week, if you guys could all focus your positive holiday vibes on Aaron "the Beard" Rodgers and his band of merry men, I'd really appreciate it. Plus, it's an old fashioned Beard v Favre showdown in the champioinship game of the league where I'm commissioner, so if there is a just God out there somewhere, I should probably win based on just that fact alone. Besides, Jesus had a beard, and I'm pretty sure he was never caught wearing Wrangler jeans. So there's that...

Oh, and in the other league, our opponent already called and offered to split the 1st and 2nd place money and play for $50, which makes him a huge Ted. So we got that goin' for us too, which is nice...

So, without further dudes, let's get to these suckers. Hope you all have a safe and enjoyable weekend. Happy Birfmas, Jesus. I'm outta here...

(*Top Pick)

Week 16 Picks
Jacksonville Jaguars (+7.5) @ New England Patriots

*Green Bay Packers (-13) vs Seattle Seahawks

Oakland Raiders @ Cleveland Browns UNDER 38

Cincinnati Bengals (-13.5) vs Kansas City Chiefs

New Orleans Saints (-14) vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

*Atlanta Falcons (-9) vs Buffalo Bills

Miami Dolphins (-3) vs Houston Texans

Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers OVER 41.5

Washington Redskins (+7) vs Dallas Cowboys

Arizona Cardinals (-14) vs St. Louis Rams

*San Francisco 49ers (-13) vs Detroit Lions

Indianapolis Colts (-5.5) vs New York Jets

New York Giants (-7) vs Carolina Panthers

*Philadelphia Eagles (-7) vs Denver Broncos OVER 41.5

Monday Night
Chicago Bears (+7) vs Minnesota Vikings OVER 40.5

Last Week: 8-8-2 (Top Picks: 3-4-2)

Top Picks: 68-58-6 (.538)

Overall: 132-95-7 (.579)

Lock of the Week: 13-3-0 (.813)