Tuesday, November 17, 2009

4th & 2, I'm Sick of You...

Patriot Nation, you've left me no choice...

In a week that was supposed to feature my much hyped dissection of Red Sox vs Yankee fans, the non-stop talk about "4th and 2" has led me to once again call and an audible...

You guys wanna know what I think (and I know you do by the massive messaging influx to me Droid), and as a man of the people, I shall not disappoint. As usual, I'm sure my attempt to calm the storm will do nothing but fan the flames, but hey, "it is what it is"...

So here we go...

#1 (clearing of the throat-piece)

So which one is it, Patriots fan? Do you want a coach with stones the size of Serena's ass, or don't ya? I mean, cuz that's what this is coming down to, isn't it? OK, so the Patriots lost. But why? Hmmm. Easy answer? Lack of execution. Plain and simple. By the players, by the coaches, by everyone with a flying Elvis on their shirt, jersey, hat or towel...or whatever that half sleeved capris shirt was that Bill Hoodsworth had on. I mean, hello? You're name is Bill Hoodsworth. Where's your freakin' hood?!

But that's what it was. Lack of execution...

Maroney fumbles into the endzone...Lack of execution.

Brady throws a pick into double coverage...Lack of execution.

The punt team needs to be called off the field, thus burning a vital time out...Lack of execution.

Kevin Faulk bobbling the ball on that fateful 4th & 2...Lack of execution.

And I could go on. Which is not to say, by any means, that the Patriots didn't do a ton of things well on Sunday night (Vollmer for one...Thank God/Later Matt Light...and of course Randy's sick beard!), it's just I'm here to explain a loss, so you're not gonna get too much of that...

Point is, what you didn't find on that list as an example of lack of execution, was Belichick's decision to go for it on 4th & 2 deep inside his own territory. You can blame him for the punt team timeout if you want, or the fact that his defense didn't seem to be on the same page in the end on whether or not to tackle Addai, but in terms of going for it on 4th & 2, it simply wasn't a bad call. It might look like one, because it didn't work, but that doesn't mean the strategy wasn't sound, or that Belichick wouldn't be more than justified to attempt it again...

Here's why it makes sense...

Bam! He does stuff like this all the time, and his success rate is off the chain. Anyone recall giving up a safety? OR how about a more recent example? Going for it on 4th & 1 on their own 21 against the Falcons?

I mean, come on here people. I know the play didn't work, but for a guy that's built his reputation on making calls like this, how can we sit here and be shocked that he did this? How can people seriously be letting this one play call, that came up 6 inches and a bobbled ball short of locking up win #7 and stopping your undefeated nemesis on their own turf, how can they be letting this one call totally alter their thinking?

I get it. We're all disappointed. I know a lot of you think I'm a cold hearted cynic, but even I felt that one. It was a tough loss. But to let the loss, and the controversial play that "ended" it, change your opinion of a guy who's made his living risking it all on calls like that? I just don't see it...

Belichick has always said that he stresses his faith in their ability to execute a given play more so than any other factor when it comes to situational play calling. Now had he planned, like he's said he did, to go for it on 4th down "no matter what" in that instance, you could question why he just didn't run the ball those 2 downs, but that can go back to lack of execution. What I think we all should be focusing on, is that the only reason we should be upset, is because the play didn't work. You wanna be mad at somebody? Be mad at Maroney for coughin' up the bean. Bam! Game over, right there...

I don't know. Maybe this is all so easy for me to cope with because apparently just like Bill, there was little doubt in my mind that no matter where the Pats gave Peyton Manning the ball, the end result was going to be the same. You can argue me the "well 70 yards is tougher than 30" argument all you want, and while it's a strong one, no doubt, I just don't buy it. It makes sense, and I get it. 70 yards is more than 30. But between the fact Peyton had been carving the Pats up in the 2nd half, and the fact that said defense was looking dead tired, I liked their chances of getting 6 no matter where they were...

Don't take that as a slap in the face to the defense, either. They were tired, on the road, and up against one of the best QBs of...well...of all time, I guess. Right? I hear what guys like Harrison and Bruschi are sayin' in the media about how what Bill did was a direct shot as his defense, but those guys need to check their ego's at the door. I respect them a lot, both as players and now media members, but how is essentially saying "sorry, but we don't want to give the ball back to a future HOF QB, who's just torched you guys like 3 times in a row, and will have plenty of time to work with", an insult to the defense? Isn't it more just a statement of facts? I know a lot of you throw out the "well at least give the defense a shot" argument, but this is the NFL, not some "trophies for everybody" Pop Warner cookout. Bill's there to win games. If guys can't handle stuff like that, that sucks for them...

Face it. The defense wasn't getting the job done in the 4th quarter, and they were about to be faced with Peyton Manning's 2 minute drill, in his own building. That right there is a pretty strong argument as to why you'd wanna keep them off the field. I'd imagine it was the same thoughts Bill had, judging by his actions, and while it didn't work out this time, I hope he continues having such linear and logical thoughts in the future...

Wow, that was funny to say. It's like, here I am apologizing for Bill Belichick making a ballsy call. The very thing he's been lauded for all these years, and here I am having to basically stand up for him. Just weird...

I look at it this way. Sometimes things don't work out. Sometimes you lose. Sometimes you make the right plays, and you still lose. That's just the way things work. My hats off to Peyton Manning and the Colts. They fought hard and held on to their perfect record, and they deserved the win. I also think they've been served notice that their decade-long rival is back in the fold. I mean, can they honestly think another meeting in Indy will result in the Pats making that many mistakes and allowing them to hand around? I seriously doubt it. I bet they'll be improved too, should these two teams meet again, but despite the tragic ending, I'd think that undefeated or not, a lot of people will be taking the Pats. But hey, that's another talk for another time...

Main message here, is to hate the result, and to hate the overall lack of execution. Just don't hate the coach. It would be like hating Dog the Bounty Hunter for tracking you down for skipping out on your Meth bond. That's his job, isn't it?! So it didn't necessarilyy benefit you this time, so what? He's still the man, right? Still doin' his job! That's just Bill. He's doin' his job. Doin' the same stuff that brought this team 3 Super Bowl rings. So let him keep doin' it, and for the love of God give the man the benefit of the doubt...

Listen, I know the "4th & 2" call is an easy way to tie a bow on this thing, and I get that it's gonna live on forever in Belichikian lore. All I'm sayin', is don't get caught up in the hype. If you hated Belichick before, and this this is just further proff of his arogance, then I don't have anything for ya. We just disagree. For the rest of, as corny as it sounds, just go head and chalk this one up to "you can't win 'em all", and continuing keeping the faith...

Next week. Sexy Rexy eats it, and all will be virtually forgotten...

Two final notes, and seeing as I never got past #1 in my original rant, I'll call them #'s 2 and 3...

Gotta give another Intraweb shout out to my good friend, Adam "Whitey" Rosen, who was just engaged last night. He is pale, and he is frail, but there aren't any better sports fans, or any better friends out there. I salute you, Mr. Whites, and wish you and Mrs. Whites nothing but the best...

Oh and PS - I hear "Rooch" is Hebrew for Pimp, so name you're kid that and I'm sure he'll be one hell of a mensch!

I published post on my Droid. Boo yah!

Join the Droid Revolution, kids! It's like a political uprising, except there's Facebook and a lightsaber app where you can be Samuel L Jackson...

See ya Friday!

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