Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cardinal Rule OR Mission Flynn-possible???

Well here ya go, kids. Just for the sake of trying to stay credible, and because I promised them to you, here are my all important picks for this year's 2009 NCAA Tournament...

Hope you enjoy, cuz they'll probably only be good for a solid 8 hours or so...

Good luck to you all in your bracket endeavours, and I'll be back on Monday to break down the crazy weekend that was...

OK, Gus. Take 'er away, buddy...

First Round Upsets

(13) Portland St. over (4) Xavier

(12) Wisonsin over (5) Florida St.

(12) Western Kentucky over (5) Illinois

(11) Virginia Commonwealth over (6) UCLA

*And I have every 10 beating every 7, but I don't really consider any of those upsets...

Sweet 16

(1) Louisville vs (4) Wake Forest

(6) West Virginia vs (2) Michigan St.


(1) UCONN vs (5) Purdue

(6) Marquette vs (2) Memphis


(1) Pittsburgh vs (12) Wisconsin

(3) Villanova vs (2) Duke


(1) North Carolina vs (4) Gonzaga

(3) Syracuse vs (10) Michigan

Elite 8


(1) Louisville vs (6) West Virginia


(1) UCONN vs (2) Memphis


(1) Pittsburgh vs (2) Duke


(1) North Carolina vs (3) Syracuse

Final 4

(1) Louisville vs (2) Memphis

(1) Pittsburgh vs (3) Syracuse

*I've long been told discretion is the better part of valor, so allow me to be blunt with you. Do I really think Syracuse is going to make the Final 4? No, I don't. But to again quote my good friend, and college hoops fanatic, Ian Hanbach: "I didn't pick us when we won it, so I figure what the Hell".

Again, I'm with ya, I-Man. They won it as a 3 seed in 2003, and I'll be damned if I don't at least push them to the Final Four as a 3 seed this time around. Thanks for the kick in the ass/brain/heart, Ian. Go CUSE!!!...

National Championship

(1) Louisville vs (1) Pittsburgh

2009 National Champion: Louisville Cardinals

All season long I sang the praises of the Pittsburgh Panthers, but I think they fall to the hotter Cardinals in an all Big East title game showdown. Terrence Williams and Earl Clark take 10 minutes to turn pro after being named to the co-MVP's, Pitino is immediately enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame and all the Kentucky fans that actually own radios start beating their wives, kicking their pets, and screaming at the top of their SKOAL stained lungs that Billy Gillespie needs to be canned...

Now that's what I call one Hell of a "moon-shining" moment...

Good luck & God speed. And just remember. When your bracket is busted, and you have no chance left to win, you're still probably doing better than me. Just also remember, that it's not stopping me from loving every second of it...

It's the journey, kids, not the destination...

Catcha Monday...



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