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College Hoops Top 25 (1/20): It's the Pitts!

I asked for it, an now you get it. It's the Rooch Nation Top 25, baby, and it's finally here in all it's beautiful glory. This week kicks off what should be a weekly installment of the goings on in the world of college hoops, complete with players to watch, teams on the rise, and of course the all important unearthing of the frauds. You know who you are, Clemson and Minnesota, and I'm here to make sure you get exposed...

So sit back, relax, and get ready to learn more about college hoops in 10 minutes, than you ever thought (or wished) was humanly possible...

Get some, and enjoy...

Rooch Nation College Hoops Top 25

1. Pittsburgh (16-1) 1

The one lesson you should take from the Rooch Nation Top 25:

A loss doesn't mean you move down, and a win against a team doesn't mean you move above them in the standings. Last time I checked, the NCAA tourney is played on a neutral site, meaning unless a team beats you on a neutral site or in your own building, they've done very little to prove they are a better team...

...unless of course they blow you out...

2. UCONN (16-1) 2

3. North Carolina (16-2) 4

4. Wake Forest (16-0) 7

Jeff Teague and Al Farouq Aminu introduced themselves to the nation this Saturday with impressive performances against the Clemson Tigers. Sure orange clad Tigers might be located in Fraudsville, South Carolina, but that still doesn't undermine the duo's outstanding play. Aminu is an ahletic freak with great rebounding and finishing skills, while Teague has an amazing motor and an uncanny nose for the basketball. Wake's just flat out athletic, and it should only be a matter of time before their nationally recognized as the best team in the ACC...(and no, simply being higher in the ACC and the in the polls than UNC doesn't mean people still aren't picking the Heels when all is said done)...

5. Oklahoma (17-1) 3

6. Louisville (13-3) 8

Here's another free tip to all the pollsters out there. When a team starts out with as high a pre season ranking as Rick Pitino's Cardinals, there's usually a good reason. So when a highly ranked team gets off to a slow start, don't immediately send them free falling down the rankings. This latest win against Pitt moves L'ville to 4-0 in the Big East, and right back in the mix in the argument for the country's #1 team...

7. Syracuse (17-2) 5

When the season began, Orange fans like myself were counting on Flynn, Devendorf, Harris and Rautins to carry the day. And while they've been great, it's been the interior combination of ARinze Onuaku and Rick Jackson (combine for 21 pts/14 boards a game), that's helped keep the Cuse at the top of the Nation's premier conference...

8. Marquette (16-2) 9

Granted it was only Providence, but Marquette's Big 3 put on a show Saturday worthy of the National stage. Lazar Hayward, Jerel McNeal and Wesley Matthews combined for 72 points in the win, making them the Big East's only 5-0 team, and the best 3-some to hit Rhode Island since Nick, Ron and Pete Cardi...

Oh and PG Dominic James doesn't exactly suck either...

9. Duke (16-1) 14

Eh, maybe the Dukies are a little better than I thought. They had to beat Georgetown, and they did. Now to convince me further, there gonna need to start beating teams like Wake and UNC on the road. Then maybe we can talk top 5...maybe...

10. Texas (13-4) 6

11. Michigan St. (15-2) 10

12. Arizona St. (15-3) 13

A big win @ UCLA puts the Sun Devils squarely atop the Pac 10 power structure. And just because leading scorer James Harden looks 45 years old, doesn't mean Herb Sendek's boys shouldn't be getting their just praise...

13. Georgetown (12-4) 12

14. UCLA (14-3) 11

15. St. Mary's (17-1) 17

An overused term for sure, but this Gale's team is the best team in the country that nobody's talking about. They have 3 starters averaging more than 13 points a game, led by Patrick Mills (19.1 ppg) whose also good for nearly 3 boards and 3 steals a game as well...

16. Butler (16-1) 18

17. Kentucky (14-4) 22

Jodi Meeks and Patrick Patterson are as dangerous an inside/outside combination as you'll find in the country...

18. Villanova (14-3) 16

19. Notre Dame (12-5) 15

Notre Dame's been losing a lot lately, but you can hardly blame them. Losing @ St. John's may have been a bit of a downer, but other than that neutral court losses to Ohio St. and UNC, and road losses to Louisville and Syracuse are just business as usual in the brutal Big East. And I'll take Luke Harangody (24.8 ppg / 12.9 rpg) on my team any day of the week...

20. Xavier (15-2) 19

21. Gonzaga (12-4) 21

See Louisville.

22. Davidson (14-3) 25

Stephen Curry (29.1 ppg) isn't going anywhere, and until he does, this Davidson squad is gonna be one tough out come tourney time...

23. Purdue (14-4) NR

24. Texas A&M (15-3) NR

25. Tennessee (11-5) 24

just missed: California; USC; West Virginia; Clemson; Baylor; LSU; Florida

dropped: (20) California; (23) Baylor

And seeing as I'm nothing if not an equal opportunist, feel free to take a gander at the various frauds that, in some delusional way, consider themselves my peers on this matter...

AP Top 25 + ESPN/USA TOday Top 25:

Here's a look at how I view the strength of each conference, just to give you an idea of where my head's at when I'm fillin' out my rankings. Just like the Top 25, these too are subject to change on a weekly basis...

Conference Power Rankings
1. Big East
2. ACC
3. Pac 10
4. Big XII
5. SEC
6. West Coast Conference
7. Big 10
8. Mountain West
9. Atlantic 10
10. Missouri Valley

And here are this week's games. I know it's impossible to watch all these bad larry's, but I advise you use this lineup as a way of keeping note of all the week's "important" match ups. At least that's what I do. And hey, it seems to be workin' out prett well for me, doesn't it?...

This Week's Slate...

Syracuse @ Pittsburgh (ESPN 7 pm)
Texas A&M @ Kansas (ESPN 9 pm)

North Carolina St. @ Duke
Creighton @ Evansville
Ohio St. @ Illinois (ESPN 7 pm)
Virginia @ Maryland
Tennessee @ Vanderbilt (ESPN 9 pm)

Villanova @ UCONN (ESPN 7 pm)
Clemson @ North Carolina (ESPN 9 pm)
Missouri @ Oklahoma St.
Arizona St. @ Arizona

Purdue @ Minnesota
UCLA @ Washington St.
West Virginia @ Georgetown
UW- Green Bay @ Butler
St. Mary's @ San Diego


*Figures this is the day I'm gonna be stuck at work producing the Brown/Yale game, but I guess dems da breaks

UCONN @ Notre Dame (ESPN 7 pm)
Texas A&M @ Texas
Baylor @ Oklahoma
Maryland @ Duke (ESPN 12 pm)
UW Milwaukee @ Butler
Xavier @ LSU (ESPN 2 8 pm)
UCLA @ Washington
Wisconsin @ Illinois (ESPN 4 pm)
Kentucky @ Alabama

Louisville @ Syracuse
Michigan St. @ Ohio St. (CBS 3:45 pm)
Pittsburgh @ West Virginia

Player of the Week
Needless to say, this is where each week I will be highlighting someone who I felt had an exceptional week of games...

Jodie Meeks, Kentucky

Big man Patrick Patterson figured to be the star of Billy Gillespie's Wildcat's this season, but the hot shooting Meeks is having none of it. The junior guard is averaging 25.7 points per game on the season, aided by his school best 54 against Tennessee, and is averaging an impressive 30.1 points a game in his last 8...

And speaking of Big Men on Campus, I'd be remiss if I didn't pass along this tasty little nugget that Frosco was kind enough to send on down the line...,134910

There he is. God's meth dealer. And nothing makes me happier than to know that not only is he 300 pounds and living in a double wide trailer, but that his tatted up body is being used to mentor the young minds in his community...

Go get 'em, buddy. You'll always hold a special place in my heart, while at the same time occupying a shady place in most people's cellular phones...

And like that, it's over. Hope you enjoyed the "inaugural" version of the Top 25, and may it from here on out serve as the place you go every week in order to see who's who and what's what in the world of college hoops...

I'll be back Friday with my normal ish, so I'll catch you then...

Peace in the middle...



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