Friday, December 19, 2008

NFL Week 16 Picks

It's that busy time of year again, chumps, but there's no way I'm gonna leave you high and dry. After all, just because the Sox may be "out" of the Mark Teixeira sweepstakes, and there's snow on the Vegas Strip, doesn't mean the world is actually coming to an end...

Everybody just calm down, and enjoy some football this weekend while we inch closer to the mother of all holidays...

Enjoy, and check back next week for the 2008 NFL season finale...

Week 16 Picks
Baltimore Ravens (+4.5) @ Dallas Cowboys

New Orleans Saints (-6) @ Detroit Lions

Pittsburgh Steelers (-1) @ Tennessee Titans

San Fransisco 49ers (-3.5) @ St. Louis Rams

Arizona Cardinals (+8) @ New England Patriots

San Diego Chargers (+2.5) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Miami Dolphins @ Kansas City Chiefs UNDER 42.5

Buffalo Bills (+4.5) @ Denver Broncos

Houston Texans (-6) @ Oakland Raiders

New York Jets (-3.5) @ Seattle Seahawks

Cincinnati Bengals (+3.5) @ Cleveland Browns

Minnesota Vikings (-2.5) vs Atlanta Falcons

Philadelphia Eagles (-5.5) @ Washington Redskins

New York Giants vs Carolina Panthers OVER 37

Chicago Bears (-2.5) vs Green Bay Packers

Last Week: 5-8-3 (Top Picks: 2-3-2)

Overall: 121-78-10 (.603)

Top Picks: 64-36-7 (.631)


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