Friday, February 15, 2008

You Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'?

Ding. Ding. Ding. Well, that's the end of the round, folks. And after the dust has settled from the McNamee/Clemens scuffle on Capitol Hill, the real question is, have we learned anything new? Well, as I'm sure you figured if you've made it this far, that answer is right here, in a way only I can give it to you...and no, that doesn't mean I'm gonna make like Jane Fonda and drop the "C" word on ya...

First and foremost, let me get the obvious out of the way. Like I so eloquently put it on Tuesday, no matter what your position was going into the hearings, there wasn't going to be anything you were going to hear that was gonna change your stance. And while I feel that prediction was fairly accurate, the one thing that may have swayed you, were you pro-Roger, was the affidavit of one Andrew Pettitte...

Deciding not to appear in front of Congress, Roger's long time friend and workout partner instead submitted an affidavit, along with his wife, that basically corroborated everything that Brian McNamee had to say. He admitted to additional HGH use in 2004, he said he talked to Clemens on multiple occasions about the Rocket's own personal HGH use, and he at no point suggested that Brian McNamee was lying when accusing Clemens of bein' on the juice. Now if you're askin' me, this is pretty huge. Before that, it was a classic he-said-he-said between Roger and McNamee. Now that Pettitte has come forward with this, while it doesn't really help McNamee's claim that he injected Clemens, it does show that maybe the embattled trainer is more believable than many thought. When asked why he thought Andy would lie about saying the Rocket used HGH, all Rog could say was the now legendary line, that Andy must have "misremembered." Not only that, but when questioned further, Roger even went as far as to say that IF Pettitte were using HGH, that Andy certainly would have told him about it. Wait. What? Dude, he already said he DID use it. So obviously, either you knew, or he didn't tell you about it! To sit there and say that you still think Pettitte is honest and your friend, but that he's wrong about these particular instances is just laughable. That crafty lefty drove a nail into your coffin with his words, at least in the court of public opinion, and the list is now growing of other guys that must be lying to make Roger's story legit. The Rocket looked bad going into this thing, but with statements like the ones that Pettitte made, "Roger Clemens, Steroid User" is quickly becoming a bell that's going to be possible to un-ring...

Now seeing as I didn't know that Pettitte bomb was gonna drop right off the bat, the only thing I had intended on focusing on, was how these guys answered the questions thrown at them. Simply put, their demeanor. I consider myself a great judge of character, and while I don't know either of these men personally, I felt like watching them under fire like this would give me a real good idea of their overall credibility.

Clemens came out like gangbusters. To me, he was looking to kick ass and take names, but too often looked like he was searching for answers. To be blunt, he looked like a liar. He couldn't get dates straight when trying to explain how he was telling Pettitte about his wife using HGH and not himself. (And by the way. How hysterical is it that his wife was using it?) He got caught about talking to his nanny the night before the hearing about her role in Roger, according to McNamee, being at a party at Jose Canseco's house. And, as it turns out, that was another lie they caught Roger in!

McNamee on the other hand, while not a great public speaker, was always calm and to the point. He looked like a man who wasn't going to be surprised by any line of questioning, he gave simple, straightforward answers, and unlike Clemens, never once needed to call on his legal team for help. I mean for Christ's sake. Rusty Hardin had to be told about 15 times that attorneys weren't allowed to speak at this thing because he tried to bail Roger out every time he was caught in another web of lies. And as for Hardin. That guy needs to learn to be keep his Texas sized pie hole shut after that whole taped phone conversation blew up in his grill. Oh, you didn't hear? Yeah, came out in the hearings that only a portion of the tape was played. And wouldn't ya know it. The missing portions were the parts where McNamee basically told Clemens that they both knew he had used performance enhancing drugs! Well I'll be dipped! I knew then that the whole tape phone conversation was dumber than any Polish invention you can name, and this just proves me right. Oh, and it gets better. To top his performance from last week, when he told the IRS guy investigating Roger that Clemens would "hand him his lunch" if the two were to meet, Rusty decided to take a run at one of McNamee's over zealous attorneys. When it was suggested by Richard Emery that Clemens would be pardoned by President Bush were he to be convicted of perjury, Rusty answered with "He's got to stop smoking his own dope." Brilliant Rusty. Way to look innocent. I guess that means he fits as Clemens' attorney perfectly. They're both dumb and from Texas. But good ole Rusty isn't doin' his client any favor in my eye.

Meanwhile, McNamee had no such issues. Matter of fact, he was so clear and succinct with his answers, that it gave all his haters even more time to call him a crook, liar and dirty little drug dealer. Basically, it's my opinion that if one of these guys was to be believed, based on this hearing alone, it would have to be Brian McNamee by a landslide. I'm not a Clemens hater, and while I have said for about 5 years now that I thought he was on the juice, that's strictly my impression of how I thought the two of them came across. McNamee provided answers, while Clemens responses just brought on more questions...

That brings me to the actual questioning by our elected leaders in the House of Representatives. Much like in hearings past, most of the questions were partisan garbage being asked by people that wouldn't know a syringe from a saloon, but that also made for some rather entertaining moments.

The GOOD came when reps like (D) Elijah Cummings completely undressed Clemens, and didn't allow the star pitcher to deviate from asked questions. Pretty much, they told him his story wasn't believable. Cummings in particular took no lip from Clemens. He repeatedly talked over him, prodded him to move along when he thought Roger was waxing poetically, and asked pertinent questions about how on earth we were to believe that everyone was lying except for him. That's what the fuck I'm talkin' about E-C! Use that 15 minutes you got. Get your questions answered. And tell that hick to shut the fuck up and answer your damn questions. Man. I may have voted for Obama in this year's primary, but I'm already eager to get to the polls in 2012 and cast my vote for Elijah Cummings. A man so clear and unbiased in his thinking, that he had the guts to tell Clemens that Roger was one of his sports heroes, and he still thought he was guilty as sin. Now there's a leader, folks! And as for the leader of the hearing, Henry Waxman, that guy was just a little over the top for my liking.First off, he looked like a cross between Mort Goldman ("Ohhhh God I think I just miscarried!") and Porky Pig, which is never good when you're on TV (that's Waxy right there with some cougar he prolly rescued from Don Burton's basement). And the guy was just so obviously pro-McNamee, that he used the gavel to shut Clemens up at the end of the hearing, so he could apologize to the trainer for some of the questioning he had received throughout the day. Maybe McNamee went around signing autograph's too, and he gave ol' Waxman a nice 8 X 12 glossy of him on the beach workin' out. Whatever the reason, Waxman wouldn't let Roger breathe most of the time, and often took time out to make sure the Rocket's legal time was mindin' their P's and Q's. He did run a pretty good show, though. I'll give him that. Just that it goes to show that ALL the whackos aren't on that one side of the Congressional aisle...and speaking of those boobs...

There were many low points to the hearing as well, that must have had Lincoln, Washington, and even Michael Douglas spinning in their graves. Wait, so you're sayin' Douglas is alive, and was never really President? Whatever... For instance, I really liked when a rep asked about the colors of the various drugs that were allegedly being injected, or when one Republican wanted McNamee to clarify what "it is what it is" meant. Right, because that's why we were there. To talk about Jose Canseco's ripper, the color of B-12 (which is pink by the way), and if it was true that Roger Clemens used to bleed through his dress pants, via his ass. Notice how I mentioned the guy was a Republican, and for good reason. Now I'm about as political as I am short and dim witted, so don't think I'm taking sides, but it was clearly evident to me which party was pro Clemens, and which was pro McNamee. The Dems would, for the large part, use their time to rip apart Clemens and praise McNamee, and the Elephants used their time to rip apart the trainer, while at the same time praising Roger for his work with children and his role model status. Only problem there, was that the only thing the Republicans had on McNamee was that he was an admitted liar. Sounds big when you first think about it, but there's one major problem. ALL OF US THAT THINK MCNAMEE IS TELLING THE TRUTH ALREADY KNOW THAT THE GUY IS A SHADY BASTARD AND A KNOWN LIAR! WE KNOW HE PROBABLY RAPED THAT CHICK, AND WE KNOW HE'S A LOSER WITH NO FRIENDS, WHO WAS JUST DOING ALL THIS TO GET CLOSE TO ATHLETES! Time after time he would be asked "So when you said on such and such a date that Roger never used roids, that was a lie?" And when he'd answer yes, these geniuses would look around as if to say "Well. He says he's a liar. So Roger must be innocent, right?" Dudes. He was lying to protect them, and now that he's been pushed to the brink, he's been forced to give them up. What about that don't you understand? And to ask "What kind of person saves syringes in a can for over 8 years?" I'll tell you what kind of person. Apparently, the smartest freakin' dude in the room! He may be a liar and a scumbag and a cheater, but at least the dude is consistent. Once he was fingered by Kirk Rodomski (gross) he felt he had no choice but to give these guys up, and everything he has said since then has been completely on par with that. Until he was threatened with evidence showing he was involved, he had no reason to give his friends and clients up. I know you can say that if he lied then he is probably lying now, but to me that's less consistent with the type of guy I believe Brian McNamee to bee. Like I said, he's a "hanger on." He'd do anything to protect the athlete's he worships and wishes to be. That is accept going to prison for them...

Indiana Republican Don Burton was the worst offender when it came to sleazy Republican rhetoric. Dude got up there and called McNamee "disgusting," when he himself was probably the dirtiest guy in attendance. He had a kid out of wedlock with an intern. Married the woman who was caring for his dying wife. And has been widely known for the last quarter century, as one of the biggest skirt chasers in all of Washington. Oh, and it gets better. His kid was busted for transporting 8 pounds of tree, and while waiting for trial, had his house raided. What was in the crib? Well funny you should ask. Only a 30-plant marijuana plantation, complete with a shotgun to make sure the natives don't try to sneak up and steal his buds. Way to point the finger, Burton, you FRAUD. I'm glad my tax dollars are paying for not only your laughable political career, but also your weekday romps around DC's finest flesh farms. What an embarrassment. He's lucky his fellow congresspeeps were dumb enough to toss out these gems, or he actually might have stuck out as the biggest retard in the room. Here's a sampling of some of the fine comments...that I was under the impression were supposed to be questions...

"I'm sure you're going to heaven" - some republican broad

"Me and my constituents would like to thank you for all you've done for New York and the New York Yankees" - some dumb broad from New York

"Roger Clemens is a titan" - the one and only Don Burton

"Which jersey will you wear into the Hall of Fame" - some other republican tard...who apparently doesn't know Roger isn't IN yet, and that they wear "hats," not jerseys...

Glad to see my tax dollars are going to good use. Those who supported Clemens, filled their time with praising all he's done, and belittling McNamee, simple as that. But I have to give Roger props. Looks like all the autograph signing and baby kissing he did leading up to this thing, got a lot of those reps on his bandwagon. Only problem, was that their "fan like" actions towards him, made his story look all that less credible...

And the more I think about it, the more I want to know what in the name of John Rocker this 4 1/2 hour thing was that we all watched on Wednesday? ESPN legal analyst Roger Cosack put it the best when he kept saying that this was a criminal trial that for whatever reason was being held in the House of Representatives, with no jury. Like, what was this thing? Wasn't it supposed to be some sort of hearing about people in the Mitchell Report or something? All of a sudden it just turned into the Rumble In the District, with Clemens in one corner and McNamee in the other. Waxman came right out of the gate and said that someone was lying, and they were there to determine who it was. Yeah, and wouldn't that usually be done by a trial jury? I'm no Constitution expert here, but I'm pretty sure that when you're getting your name slandered around town like one of Don Burton's hookers, you have the right to defend yourself, right? I just don't get it. So now these congressmen and women are to decide if there was perjury committed at this thing? Well, if there was, wouldn't you just do this whole blame game again in a normal courtroom? I'm not sure if this is a case of political red tape, or just a lot of grandstanding, but I do know this thing doesn't make a lick of sense to me from a legal standpoint. In short, I've watched enough Law & Order to know that this is NOT how shit is supposed to go down...

But as I said, and as I expected, we really didn't learn anything new from the hearings this week. If you believed Clemens before the hearings, then you still believe him now. That also makes you a complete imbecile, somethin' tells me we probably knew that about you already. People are going to believe what they want to believe in this thing, and seeing as their isn't any "usable" damming evidence on either side, it's likely we'll never have a definitive verdict. For me, it's pretty simple. Not only is it clear to me that Roger Clemens is lying, it's also clear to me that Brian McNamee is telling the truth. It makes sense to me that Roger Clemens juiced up. It makes sense to me that McNamee would have lied about it for years. And it makes sense to me that he would have saved those syringes in that beer can for all those years. Combine all that common sense with what Andy Pettitte had to say, and for me it's a slam dunk. Don Burton was right, Roger. You are a Titan. But you just went from being Vince Young, to PacMan Jones in about 4 and a half hours.

At least you don't have a failed drug test on your record from 2001. Barry Bonds now does, according to the FEDs, which means I'll be still talkin' about all this perjury and steroid bull shit on Tuesday. Wait. Now you're tellin' me there isn't a new positive test, but that the FEDs made a paperwork mistake in regards to Bonds?! Eh, I'm sure I'll still be talkin' about it on Tuesday anyway...

Let's put that circus aside for now, and get down to the nitty gritty with the great game of college hoops. Here's what I got...

-Well, my kiss of death struck the Notre Dame Fighting Irish this week. Just one day after I anointed them the best team in the Big East, they promptly go out and get beat on the road by red hot Connecticut. I guess it wasn't that bad of a jinx, seeing as they lost a game I pretty much said they should lose (see Tuesday's post), but I was prepared to put them as the top Big East team in my next poll, and now I can't really do that in good faith. Instead UCONN will take that spot, thanks in large part to their current 9 game winning streak, and outstanding play from point guard AJ Price and center Hasheem Thabeet. You may remember Price from when he collapsed due to illness, or perhaps when he stole those laptops, but the kid has finally come into his own as a player, and is making coach Jim Calhoun look really smart for stickin' with the kid through think and thin. Price, who is seen above takin' to the rack, is the ultimate floor general for the Huskies, and is leading the team in points, assists and 3 point percentage. Thabeet, on the other hand, has been a beast in the middle, going for better than 10 points, 7 boards and 4 blocks this season. Throw in a great supporting cast with Jeff Adrien, Stanley Robinson and Doug Wiggins, and it's quickly becoming evident that these Huskies might be primed to make a run that could remind us of the OLD Huskies...

-I wanna talk to Sampson! What once was just a funny line from the movie Half Baked, is now the cry of many hoop recruits hoping to one day attend Indiana University. That's right, IU head man Kelvin Sampson has been busted for illegal phone calls when it comes to recruiting....that's right...again. The same thing that got him run out of Oklahoma might be what runs him out of Indiana faster than you can say Bobby Knight. As of now, the NCAA is taking a real close look at the matter, and Sampson's job is on a game to game basis. This isn't good. Not for Sampson, not for the team, and certainly not for a school like IU, that holds itself to very high athletic and academic standards. Hell, this thing alone didn't drop them out of my top 10, but I'm tellin' you right now it didn't help. I always liked Kelvin and his teams at OU, so I hope this stuff is just a misunderstanding, but somethin' tells me the NCAA isn't gonna "misremember" all the stuff that's gone down in his past...

-I demand to know what on earth is goin' on these days in MY Missouri Valley Conference. I say "my" because I've been a huge supporter of the conference over the last few years, and they rewarded my faith in them nicely with the Sweet 16 runs of Bradley and Wichita St. deep in the '06 NCAA Tournament. That was a year that saw 4 teams get in from the 'Val, a number that since fell to just 2 in 2007. This season, with the struggles of perennial powers like Creighton and Southern Illinois, it looks as if the Drake Bulldogs could be the "Major" Mid Major's only representative. They're the only team in the league with fewer than 7 losses (they have 2), and the lone squad with fewer than 4 conference losses (also 2). To make matters worse, the Bulldogs at 10 are the only team currently in the RPI top 40, and one of only 4 MVC teams in the rankings top 100. I like having these guys around in my bracket so I can pick 'em for an upset or two, but it's looking like barring another team winning the conference tourney, the Bulldogs could be the only team dancin.' I'll cry a little inside, but I think I'll get over it...

-I don't know what's more strange. The fact that George Mason is good again, or the fact that they still have dudes on their team that were on the team that went to the Final Four. I know it was only 2 years ago, but doesn't it seem like a lot longer? Eh, maybe it's me. Either way, the Patriots are for real again this season, and with seniors Folarin Campbell and Will Thomas leading the charge, their experience could make them a tough out if they make the tourney field. You remember those guys. Campbell was the guy that made a ton of big shots, and the 6'7", 240 pound Thomas was the guy that after their run, people thought could make a good NFL tight end. Well Antonio Gates he is not, but his 16 points a 10 rebounds a game are enough to lead the team, and make them a solid contender for the Colonial Athletic Association's automatic bid. Thanks to their 55 RPI ranking, no big wins and their 135th ranked strength of schedule, I think that's the only shot they got at making the field...

-And for the last note of the week I just sit back and laugh at the disaster that is the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Not only does the name seem like an oxymoron to me, as only tards and bums live in Jersey, but the 0-26 "Highlanders" are flat out the worst team in Division 1 Hoops. And as if that weren't enough, their leading scorer shares a name with one of the most prominent names in the field of genocide. His name, is Nesho "don't call me Slovodan" Milosevic. Pretty much, the name makes me laugh so hard it hurts and the team is horrifically bad, so I felt I needed to poke fun. If you think that makes me a bad person, you know, laughing at a genocidal warlord....then I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree...

-I lied. I have one more thing. After I posted my Conference Power Rankings last week, my buddy Ian decided to hit me with a comment, basically telling me my rankings were a little off for his liking. Namely, he thought it was fairly outrageous I had the SEC ranked as the toughest in the nation, and the Big East as only the 4th. Well, I-Mann, my logic is this. First and foremost, I use the eye test for these things. Maybe because I've been so close to the Big East in the past I make sure not to overrate them, but I truly feel at this point that the SEC is the strongest conference. You pointed to RPI, yet I'm not sure why. Tennessee is the top rated team in the latest RPI rankings, and the SEC boasts 5 out of the top 50 teams. Now the Big East has 6 teams in the top 50, but that means they have more teams OUTSIDE of the top 50 in their conference than does the SEC. Also, while the Vols are #1, the highest ranked team in the Big East is Georgetown at #7. Look, you can argue any way you like, but it's my feeling that the SEC is the best right now, especially at the top, and I feel I've at least shown a little bit of evidence to help support my claim. I like the fact that Ian was motivated enough to fire back at me, and I totally respect his point of view. We just disagree. And as for his request that I avoid his face when I murder him with my response? I'd be doin' that mug a favor if I cracked it with my steel toe request granted....Ha!

In my rankings this week, Texas joins Purdue and red-hot UCONN as newcomers, thanks in large part to the Longhorns' big win over Kansas. Likewise, the Jayhawks saw their stock drop just a tad, but more so because of the impressive play of late by both Duke and Tennessee. I fully expect Kansas and UCLA to rebound and end up at or near the top as the season moves on, but as of right now these are the ten teams I feel would have the best shot, should the NCAA tourney start today...

College Hoops Top 10
1. Memphis (24-0) 1
2. Tennessee (22-2) 3
3. UCLA (22-2) 2
4. Duke (22-1) 5
5. Kansas (23-2) 4
6. North Carolina (23-2) 6
7. Xavier (21-4) 10
8. Purdue (20-5) NR
9. Texas (20-4) NR
10. UCONN (19-5) NR

just missed: Drake, Texas A&M, Vanderbilt, Washington St., Notre Dame, Butler, Louisville

dropped: (7) Georgetown; (8) Indiana; (9) Drake

Pittsburgh @ Marquette

Florida @ Vanderbilt
Stanford @ Arizona
Georgetown @ Syracuse
Arkansas @ Mississippi St.
Michigan St. @ Indiana
Texas @ Baylor
Memphis @ UAB
Virginia Tech @ North Carolina
Minnesota @ Wisconsin
Clemson @ NC State
Cleveland St. @ Butler
California @ Arizona St.
UNC Wilmington @ George Mason
Washington St. @ Oregon

Seton Hall @ West Virginia

Xavier @ Rhode Island
Texas A&M @ Texas
Syracuse @ Louisville
Gonzaga @ San Diego

And I-Mann. If you wanna check these games out, and get back to me by next Friday with your top 10 and conference rankings, then I'd be more than happy to debate our opposing views right here on my little slice of cybrespace. Bring it on you horse sexing incest lover!....Ha!

News and Notes
-Arlen Specter is a tard. I wish I had a better way to put that, but apparently that's about as accurate as it gets. This ass-clown, in an attempt to get to the bottom of "SpyGate" had a meeting yesterday in Washington with Commissioner Roger Goodell. Before the meeting, Specter said it was his goal to convince Goodell and the NFL to give cameraman Matt Walsh full indemnity (that means he won't be charged with anything) if he hands over evidence that the Patriots cheated to win Super Bowl 36 against St. Louis. Yeah one problem there, Arlen. That shit already happened!! Goodell gave Walsh indemnity when you asked him to do so the first time. God dammit, man! If you're so Hell bent on fixing this perceived "problem," then at least pay attention to the issue when it's in the news! I'm beginning to realize why everyone thought there was a conspiracy to kill JFK. Not because of the way it went down, but because it was Specter's single bullet theory that ended up being the explanation! Seems like these days you can't turn around without seeing another example of our government's idiocy.

-Pitchers and catchers have reported to Spring Training!! Woo-Hooo! Expect the "Red Sox Update" to start appearing in a blog near you (this one) starting next week. It's time for the title defense, bitches. Getcha p-corn ready...I'll have all my predictions and all the latest news to start the season, so make sure to remind yourself to check it out. I find that writing a note often helps me not "misremember"...

-Oh, and apparently Brady Quinn was part of a group that was shouting homophobic slurs at patrons of a gay bar this week. See, I thought Quinn was gay, so when I heard this I really didn't get it. Turns out, he's not. So he better apologize. Learn somethin' new every day...

-Props to Devean George for using the power of his no-trade to block the proposed Jason Kidd to Dallas deal. He's obviously been to New Jersey before and wants no part of that dirty shit swamp, or the hoops team that happens to play there. Jay-Z or NO Jay-Z!

-As if we needed to be shown a sign that reality TV needed to be stopped, we got one that's equivalent to God coming down from heaven and killing Mark Burnett. OJ Simpson is going to have a reality show, in which he is followed prison. I'm glad the over-exposure of reality TV has given me shows like Breaking Bonaduce and Flavor of Love III, but this is about as ugly and desperate as it gets. As much as I'd love to see OJ eat gruel with plastic utensils, and take a dump 2 feet from where he sleeps, I think I'm just gonna have to pass on this one. Just because the guy is finally in jail after all these years, doesn't mean that him somehow showing that to us will make all that other stuff he did just disappear....ya when he butchered those two people to death?...oh wait...I forgot it was that racist Mark Fuhrman that set him up. Why didn't those two get their own congressional hearing? Now, THAT, I would have enjoyed to see...Man, thank God the writer's strike is over...

-The following things are funny. Guys with the name "Booty." Mug shots. And drunk guys being tasered when they try to fight the po-nines. That's why, when former #1 high school QB recruit, and record setting baseball bonus getter ($1.6 mil), Josh Booty, was taken to task by Orange County Sherriff's deputies this week, it struck me as news that needed to go straight into my blog. A wasted Booty was trying to climb into his whip, when the cops told him he was too intoxicated to drive. Instead of heeding their advice, Booty attempted to fight the cops, who quickly tasered the washed up, sloshed up QB and put him right on his ass. OK, so maybe it's not all that funny. But personally, I think anytime anyone gets tased is pretty hilarious. And seeing as Cops is one of my favorite shows, I like it when liquored up guys try to fight the police. I can only hope that he stepped on his own pack of Newports, cracked the pipe in his pocket and managed to rip his white t-shirt in his attempt at beating the 5-0. I always like to say. Anything worth doin' is worth doin' right...

-Another great part about this time of year, besides the rise of college hoops and my rapidly approaching birthday (March 7th....I'll let you know where you can send gifts), is the release of Sports Illustrated hallowed Swimsuit Issue. ESPECIALLY, when it doesn't have a roided out Debbie Clemens in it! Pretty much, it's hot babes, in barely-there bathin' suits, in tropical locales. If you need to be told why that is chill, then you're in the wrong spot, but I just figured I'd let you all know it's out...and by the way...they're real, and they're AMAZING!

-Don't forget to catch the NBA Dunk Contest this weekend. Gerald Green is the defending champ, but my money is own Orlando's Dwight Howard. Dwight was robbed of the title a year ago, and even though the NBA won't let him raise the rim to 12 feet for the contest, I'm sure he'll have enough to leave no doubt who the league's best dunker is......OK, so it still won't be him. But the guy is an athletic freak, and if he can replicate his performance from his previous appearance, it should at least be good enough to claim the title of best dunker actually ballsy enough to put it on the line in a contest. That's right, Vince. I'm callin' you OUT!

-And to wrap things up, I have a slight sin I would like to confess right here. I know I like to rip on Michael Jackson a lot for his freakish appearance and kid touching antics, but the fact still remains that the man made some ill jammy jams back in the day. And seeing as I'm now in possession of the new 25th Anniversary Thriller disc, I felt I should pass on how dank it is. Not only does it have all the songs that made it the best selling album of all time, but Akon's remix of You Wanna Be Startin' Sumthin is the stuff of legend. He took the best part of the original song, where MJ goes off on the "mama say-mama sa, mama coo sa" rant, and makes it the complete essence of the jam. I know it's got me rockin' out in my whip. And seriously, you think I would risk letting you all know that I was listening to Whacko in my car if the song wasn't really that good? I'm tellin' ya, if you haven't heard it, you really need to scope it out. I know he gives little kids wine in soda cans, and may or may not have an adult alarm in his room to warn the kids when their parents are coming, but he's still the King of Pop. Even in this day and age, that's gotta count for somethin...

Thanks for stoppin' by, and a special thanks to all of you that are checking me out for the first time. I can't believe it either, but over the last few months, the number of people viewing my site has grown rather exponentially. I know, because I spy on you. But that doesn't mean I'm any less grateful. You pimps keep up the good work, and I will promise to do the same.


dwight4prezz said...

You're right on about Dwight being robbed last year. Which makes him all that much hungrier to win. And based on what he's prepping (, it's a long shot for anyone to steal his title this time.

I-Mang said...


The Big East has 7 of 16 teams (43% of it's conference) in the top 50 RPI, and the SEC has 4 of 12 (33%).

In addition, I did some research to see if I really was crazy or if I had a point. Here are the stats I found and here is the link (

Conference Rank/Record: RPI/SOS/Win-Loss v. D-1

Big East - (4)/(5)/143-51
SEC - (5)/(16)/123-42

While I agree Tenn. is probably the best team from either conference, I can't see where the SEC is better overall. The Big East just seems to have more depth. I guess this is why they have the tourney though. See you in March...

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