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The Big Game - Week 9 Picks

What a great week of sports its been in New England. Red Sox Nation is still electric after the World Series title and ensuing parade. BC honks are reveling in their sudden National success, and their Heisman front running QB, Matty Ryan. Bruins fan(s) are, well, I guess having a good time watching their team, although I honestly wouldn't know. And Celtics fans are ravenously awaiting the debut of the Big 3. Quite the little melting pot of sports success we got goin' here, huh?

Yup, tons of good shit goin' down to say the least. Oh, and one more minor thing. The Colts and the Patriots happen to be playing in what many are calling the biggest regular season game in the history of the National Football League! Yea, no big deal. I mean, if you happen to be around a TV, let's just say I wouldn't recommend changing the channel. I hope you picked up on the sarcasm there, because unless you've been on an Anna Nicole bender the last week, this game has been all anyone is talking about this week in the NFL. Peyton Manning and the defending champion Colts, winners of 13 straight, attempt to slow down the unstoppable force that is Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Do I think it's going to happen? Well, I promised you earlier in the week that I had a shocking prediction when it came to this game, so here it is. Not only will one team win, but this team is going to win by at the very least, 2 touchdowns. That team, of course, is the New England Patriots! What? No good? You knew I was gonna say pick the Pats, so I had to try a little misdirection. Sue me. Of course Tom Terrific and friends are gonna win this game, and like I just said, I think they're gonna win big. They have the better offense, for once, and while a lot of people have questioned the defense this season, it will make plays if actually called upon, trust me. Take it to the bank, kids. The Patriots are favored in this game, on the road against the undefeated defending champs, for a reason. Brady to Moss. Brady to Moss. Brady to Moss. Pats take it by 20. It might be close for a little bit, but I'll take the REAL champs, going away.

From a game featuring the only 2 QBs in history to beat all current other 31 league franchises, to a man that's Hell bent on reaching that goal himself this weekend, Brett Favre. It's not that I think the Chiefs are awful (I sure did at the start of the season), it's just that I feel the karma working here for Brett Favre. Hey, I trusted him on Monday night on the road in Denver, so you best believe I'm gonna trust him on the road in KC, with a big career milestone at stake. I know that teams coming off Monday night tend to have a little setback when dealing with a shorter week of preparation, but that can only account for so much in my opinion. The Packers are the better team, and while I don't expect them to win big, I expect them to win, so take the Pack and points.

Another team that I didn't give a chance in Hell this preseason, but has so far proven me dead wrong, is the Cleveland Browns. Derek Anderson has been the biggest surprise in fantasy football for sure, and probably one of the biggest stories in the league period, as he now sits second behind only Tom Brady with 17 TD passes through 6 games. Pretty amazing considering if you asked most people before the season who "Derek Anderson" was, the only answer you may have gotten was "didn't he play for the Spurs for a little while?". Romeo Crennel seems to have his team playing with a purpose, which I like, and the Seahawks are only 1-2 on the road this year, which I don't like. Not to mention that the best team the 'Hawks have beaten this year is the Tampa Bay Bucs, and that was week 1! The Browns may not be as All-World as I'm making them out to be, but I'm takin' them at home because of their dynamic offense, and Seattle's inability to get anything done anywhere outside of the Pacific Northwest. All the Campbell's Soup in the world isn't gonna help Hasselbeck and friends this week, and seeing as the Reid brothers are now behind bars, there's not enough Vicodin left to save them either...

This week's penultimate pick (yeah, it's a good word, so use it) is the San Diego Chargers by a touchdown this weekend when they travel to Minnesota to take on the Vikings. Adrian Peterson might be leading the NFL in all purpose yards as a rookie (wicked impressive, dude), but that's not gonna be nearly enough for his Vikes to hang with LT and the Bolts. Besides, Vikings coach Brad Childress isn't even getting the ball to AP enough. Imagine what he could be doing if he were being utilized properly. Might be a moot point this week, though. Philip Rivers has seemingly come around over the past few weeks (5 TDs vs 1 INT over last 3 games), and with Chris Chambers now added to his stable of weapons, I only see that offense getting better over the rest of the season. Seven is a lot of points to take on the road, I know, and the Vikings do have the defense capable of making this a low scoring affair, but I'll still take my chances. Lots of points early and often from LT and crew knock the Vikings on their heals, and force them to rely on their suspect passing attack. San-Di-E-Go, Super Chargers! San-D-E-G0...Chaaarrrgers!

Finally, my last pick brings me to the absolutely dreadful New York Jetropolitans. Eric "The Rat" Mangini has actually made the switch this week, and will go with Kellen Clemens at QB over Chad "Noodles" Pennington. Right move, just probably about 5 weeks too late. And honestly, it might not have mattered even then, seeing how poorly the rest of the Jet team has managed to play this season. If you consider Kellen Clemens a bright spot, that's cool, but an equally painful loss comes in the form of top WR Laverneus Coles, who will be sitting out with a concussion. Adding to the difficulty this week is not only a talented Redskins team, but one that just came off a clinic at the hands of the New England Patriots. Not only will they be hungry to get back to their winning ways, but they were just schooled by a team that runs many of the same schemes that Mangini and the Jets like to use. In virtually every aspect of this game, I give the edge to Washington, and given the fact that the Jets are in turmoil/transition, I like the Skins even more. They need this game to get back in the NFC playoff hunt, and I think they'll get it. Jet fan can battle it out with Ram and Dolphin fan to see who knows the most about the NFL Draft class of 2008. Good luck with that, and let us know which All-American we get to snag with the 9ers first round pick. Video tape that, you dirty freakin' rat!

Week 9 Picks
New England Patriots (-5.5) @ Indianapolis Colts
Green Bay Packers (+2) @ Kansas City Chiefs
Cleveland Browns (-1) vs Seattle Seahawks
San Diego Chargers (-7) @ Minnesota Vikings
Washington Redskins (-3) @ New York Jets

Monday Night
Pittsburgh Steelers (-9) vs Baltimore Ravens

*I like how the Steelers rank 4th in the NFL in offense, and 1st in overall defense, I just think those numbers are a little misleading. Either way, those numbers alone are still good enough to roll over a hapless Raven team that has yet to establish any real offensive continuity. Not to say the team has ever had an offense since moving to Baltimore, but Willis McGahee aside, this offense is flat out awful. Look for the Ravens to get punched in the mouth early, and never have a chance to really even establish a running game. As much as it pains me, take the Steelers in a lop sided ass kicking.

Last Week: 5-2-0

Overall: 28-19-3 (.590)

NCAA Top 25 Picks
(1) Ohio St. (-15.5) vs Wisconsin

(2) Boston College (-6.5) vs Florida St.

(17) Alabama (+7) vs (3) LSU

(4) Oregon (-7) vs (6) Arizona St.

Texas A&M (+21) @ (5) Oklahoma

(8) Kansas (-18.5) vs Nebraska

Colorado (+3.5) vs (9) Missouri

(10) Georgia (-16.5) vs Troy

(13) USC (-13.5) vs Oregon St.

Oklahoma St. (+3) vs (14) Texas

(15) Michigan (-4) @ Michigan St.

(16) Connecticut (-2) vs Rutgers

(19) Auburn (pick) vs Tennessee Tech

(20) South Florida (-5) vs Cincinnati

(21) Boise St. (-22.5) vs San Jose St.

Virginia (pick) vs (21) Wake Forest

(23) South Carolina (+4.5) @ Arkansas

(24) Tennessee (-28.5) vs Louisiana Lafayette

(25) Clemson (-16) @ Duke

Last Week: 8-7-0

Overall: 91-75-3 (.547)

*I can see it happening now (since it happens every week). All the potential upset picks I made won't come to fruition, and all the top teams I picked to win, will be upset! I know it's a bad way of thinking going into the weekend, but I can't help it. Picking college games for me is like trying to hunt down a meth addict on the beaches of Hawaii.....Whoa, talk about a segway!

In one final note for the week, I have to address the actions of one of my hero's, Duane "Dog" Chapman. Many of you know him as Dog the Bounty Hunter, and have watched him eradicate the streets of Hawaii of meth. Or as they call it, "Ice." He dresses like some sort of Indian Gypsy Pirate, his wife has a rack the size of Rhode Island and he always preaches the word of God to every Ice head he puts behind bars, only to bail out again. However, not all is good in the land of the Dog. Take a listen to this phone message he left during a private conversation with one of his sons. Is he Don Imus? Is he Michael Richards (Kramer)? You be the judge....

Personally, while I think his language is inexcusable, I understand that he felt his conversation was private, and therefore expected certain rules to apply. I'm not trying to justify it in anyway, but imagine how a lot of your private calls and messages would look it aired for the whole country to hear? Especially at a time when you are in in some sort of distress, or feeling highly emotional. Sadly, I have to agree with A&E's decision to stop the show's filming, because at this point Dog will just look like a hypocrite, even though he's already issued numerous apologies. The show will lose it's dynamic of the bad guy turned good natured soul who saves people from themselves. It just won't work. Besides, when it comes down to it, A&E doesn't want to be associated with anyone that might even be a racist, especially after the Imus backlash. I'm gonna miss Dog, Leland, Beth, Young Blood, Duane Lee, Baby Lisa and all the Ice heads that made that show possible, and I wish this didn't have to happen. But sometimes, good people do bad things, or people get exposed for what they really are, and the dream just dies. It was good knowin' ya, Dog. Can't wait to see your wife posing in JUGGS, and to see you in the Surreal Life House come the next calender year. ALOHA, BABY!

Oh, and former female tennis star, Martina Hingis, tested positive for coke, and is retiring. Nice! Hope that did somethin' for ya...

Off to a raucous weekend in NYC for me, catch you on the flip side...


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