Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It's My Perogative!

Just when I was gearing up to give the Syracuse Orange a myriad of compliments for their two nice wins this week, they go and act like they won the National title after beating Georgetown in the Dome. Hey, I understand the emotion involved in senior night, and that the win over the Hoyas probably cemented Cuse into the NCAA field, but storming the court? And having Terrence Roberts, Daryl Watkins and (freshmen) Paul Harris standing on the scorers table a la Joakim Noah circa 2006? What the hell was that? Didn't we just win the National title 4 years ago? And the Big East tournament last year? I'm all for storming the court, but there's a time and a place, and that surely wasn't it. That being said, the Orange are actually making believers out of me as far as being a legit tourney team. I still don't trust Watkins and Roberts further than I can spit, but with soph guard Andy Rautins emerging as a legit assassin from deep, averaging 15.3 pts and shooting 53% from 3 in the last 6 games. And while the Orange may only get inconsistent contributions from Roberts, Watkins, Harris and Devendorf (by far the biggest trash talker I've ever seen), Rautins stepping up to take some heat off Demitris Nichols will make tem a tough out as long as they can continue their sharp shooting touch. As for the poll itself this week, Wisconsin takes a tumble from 4th all the way to 10th. No, it's not just because they lost to Ohio St. and Michigan St. last week, although that's not helping. More of what's hurting the Badgers is the injury to junior big man Brian Butch (8.9 pts / 6.4 reb). He may not seem like a huge contributor, but for a team that usually scores about 55 points a game, losing 9 points and an experience rebounder are really going to hurt their chances at making a big run in the tourney. And finally, while Florida has been really struggling as of late (see loss to an LSU team without Glen "Big Baby" Davis) I think this team is just missing the intensity of the post season. It's a long year, and to stay motivated all year after winning a title is tough, but I expect them to start to bring the serious noise starting with the SEC tourney. Make no mistake, they are still one of the top 3 teams to beat come selection Sunday...

College Hoops Top 10
1. Kansas (26-4) 1
2. Florida (25-4) 2
3. Ohio St. (26-3) 5
4. North Carolina (24-5) 3
5. UCLA (25-3) 7
6. Georgetown (22-6) 6
7. Memphis (25-3) 8
8. Nevada (26-2) 9
9. Southern Illinois (25-5) 10
10. Wisconsin (26-4) 4

just missed: Texas A&M, Texas, Louisville, Butler, Pittsburgh, Virginia Tech
dropped: none

Wanna check out a bunch of suits awkwardly disagreeing with each other? Head here...

West Virginia @ Pittsburgh
Brigham Young @ Air Force
Florida @ Tennessee
Kansas St. @ Oklahoma St.

Texas @ Texas A&M
Maryland @ Duke

Virginia Tech @ Virginia
UCLA @ Washington St.

News and Notes
*Go ahead and add "surviving a plane crash only to have to swim for 90 minutes in 44 degree water to survive" to this list; being stranded on a snowmobiling trip and losing a toe due to frost bite, being shot with an arrow on a hunting expedition, being hit by a car, and winning an Olympic gold medal as perhaps the largest under dog in Olympic wrestling history. No, that's not the guy playing Sally Field's husband on the latest Lifetime movie, it's a real dude. And his name is Rulon Gardner. Most of us remember Gardner from his "Miracle on the Mat" match in the Sidney Olympics in 2000 in which he defeated Russian legend Aleksandr Karelin, who hadn't lost in like a million years. Then, it wasn't long after that, that Gardner began experiencing all this life threatening instances, the latest being this plane crash and frozen swim. And all that begs the question, is this guy extremely lucky, or extremely unlucky? On one hand, his plane crashed in a half frozen lake. On the other hand, he was able to survive in this lake for 90 minutes+ when all medical evidence says you should begin having severe hypothermia after only 30 minutes. Hmmm. Gold medal vs losing a toe. Successful motivational speaker vs arrow impaled in your back. You know, it's amazing this guy is still alive, but I'm gonna have to go ahead and say he's just an accident waiting to happen. If Rulon Gardner pulls up to the curb and asks me if I need a ride, I think I'll waive him by and wait for a ride from the Son of Sam or that crazy hitchhiking hooker from that Charlize Theron movie.

*The freaking NFL combine. It's not the event so much that I have a problem with as it is the way the events are perceived and dissected that gets me all riled up. It may just be me, but I don't get how a guy running without pads (something they never do in a game), in track shoes (again never in a game) and going straight for 40 yards (OK this happens but not nearly enough to make it relevant) tells us anything about what kind of pro this guy is going to be. Maybe I'm just bitter because my Pats took a guy last year that was relatively unknown until he came in and ran a sub 4.4 second 40-yard dash at the combine, and that guy has been a complete bust! Of course I'm talking about WR Chad Jackson, who did about as much on the field this season as I did. I understand that these drills and evaluations can help determine a players worth, but shouldn't the hours and hours of game film on a player be a much better indicator of how they will play at the next level? I can't imagine how it would. And what about this high class Crossword puzzle known as the Wonderlic test? All I know, is that even if this test was ever relevant, then Vince Young scoring a 6 and then getting Rookie of the Year at perhaps the most mentally complex position in the game but that sucker to rest. The way I see it, if your smart enough to score well on that thing, then you have been reading too many damn books and not practicing enough for football! Well, whatever, what do I know about scouting football players anyway? I guess what it comes down to is I'm just sick of all this over analyzing guys when they aren't even playing the game you are going to pay them to play. But like I said, that's just me.

*Only Manny Ramirez can show up 8 days late for camp and be considered "early". After telling the team, and by the team I mean Julian Tavarez, that he would show up to camp on March 1st, Ramirez surprised everyone when he lally gagged into camp this Monday, a full 3 days early! Like I said before, I could care less about all this so I'm not even gonna waste me time. I was just hoping that Manny tried to sneak in disguised as a Japanese reporter. Would have been more entertaining than him showing up with red braids in his hair. At least he's showing team spirit? Good news though. The Sox actually begin playing games today (2/27), and while not all the regulars will be in attendance, it's good to know they've actually taken the field. Next stop, full squad games! And as the season becomes more legit, my coverage and comments will likewise improve, so stay tuned.

*Now that the dust seems to have settled on the Corey Dillon situation, I'm gonna take another crack at trying to determine how this effects the Pats. After much debate over exactly what it was Dillon wanted, it's become clear that he has asked for his release from the team in order to explore opportunities with other squads. To me, this sounds like the Dillon that wanted out of Cincinnati. We thought that he was fitting in well here, but low and behold, the second a legit back shows up (Maroney) Dillon wants out. All due respect to the guy, but not only is he no longer a premier back in this league, he's also past the point in his career where he alone can handle a full load for a full season. Don't get me wrong, he's still an above average back, especially for short yardage and goal line situations, but any team that thinks he can be their only running back, they are going to be for a rude awakening. I would have loved for Corey to stay in New England and watched him team with Maroney for one more year, but it seems he's just too selfish. Apparently the Belichick approach of putting the team before yourself doesn't rub off on everyone. Go ahead Corey, while you're getting 3 more carries a game on some ass backwards NFC cellar dweller, we'll still be here competing for yet another ring. And as far as who the Pats could use to replace Unity Killin Corey Dillon? Free agency kicks up this week, and some of the names out there include Ron Dayne and Marcel Shipp. Both are durable backs that can help spell Maroney and work in short yardage situations. But don't expect the team to make replacing Dillon a huge priority. After all, Kevin Faulk and Heath Evans are still on the roster. While they might not be the best options, at least the cupboard isn't totally bare.

*This story comes from the sale of a Honus Wanger rookie card this week for $2.35 million dollars. Now, I used to be an avid baseball collector myself, and while I still hope someday either I or a child of mine will be able to pawn the collection for a pretty penny, I can't even fathom paying that much for a single card. Just because the gum that game with those cards was probably the inspiration for modern day Meth, doesn't mean the cards themselves should hold that much value. I understand a lot of people have a lot more disposable income than I do, but even a total card freak could use cake like that to take a much needed vacation. You know, get out of your freaking basement and get some color on your Caspar like dead skin flakes. If people really have loot like that to be tossin around, I would greatly appreciate their mailing address, because I'm willing to do a lot of things for $2.35 mil. Up to and including riding some sort of donkey like animal in a Provincetown parade wearing nothing but a kids sized small Tim Hardawy jersey. Gimmie that money!

I couldn't talk about the past few days in sport without talking about the epic 20 hour period from know on known as "Tropical Storm Miguel". While Mikey wanted me to go all "Bill Simmons" and totally recap the weekend's antics, I've decided that think I usually think Billy Boy is a slight tool, I'll just provide some on the more memorable outtakes. Here's a look at some of the quotes and characters that made the cut:

Providence Associate Head Coach Steve DeMeo (AKA Coach Tard) - I'm not one to judge anyone by the way they look, so rest assured that's not the only thing that got him this nickname. Besides, anytime you are drunkenly pointing out chicks in the bar and referring to them as "layups" while your vodka tonic is trickling out the side of your mouth, you are just begging for me to make an example of you.

John Egan (AKA Mr. Rhode Island) - Seriously, this guy knew everyone at every place we went. Seriously. And what a great guy, hooked us up with the ill seats so everyone could see me on TV! Not to mention he lives in Attleboro (although he says he can't wait to leave.....whaa whaa whaaa)

Tommy Valentine - To quote Mikey P, "I thought I'd have to move to Providence before I'd be able to tell people I actually knew a guy named Tommy Valentine"

And here are some memorable quotes:

(While Mikey P are walking back from the game and basically making fun of Italians by pretending we're Sabby)

Mikey P - "Uhhh stideech and uhhh sizeech"

Me - "Hey paisan!"

Short shady guy coming up from the side of us - "Hey you guys making fun of Italians?"

Me - "No, actually I am Italian"

Mikey P - "Yeah we were just talkin' about how Italians run this city."

Shady guy - "Well I'm Italian and I grew up around here, let me tell you they don't"

Mikey P - "It sure seems like they do."

Shady guy - "yea right, just head down to Atwells Ave and you'll see who really runs this mother fucker."

(right as we are leaving the Dunk)

Loser PC Fan all wasted - "I can't believe they let me be this good looking."

Me to everyone that could hear - "Apparently good looking now means so drunk I'm about to puke and piss everywhere" (yea everyone laughed and you know you would have too)

(confrontation after the game between former Cuse PG and current PC assistant Allen Griffin and some biter PC season ticket holder)

Douche Bag - "Hey Allen! I bet you're happy we lost you fuckin' traitor!"

Griff - "What?! What did you just say? You're a fag!"

Douche Bag - "Hey man there's your emotion, I was just trying to get you fired up" (a blatant back peddling lie)

Griff - "Fuck you man fuck you don't you ever.....etc

PC Suit - "Hey buddy, you talkin' to one of the coaches? How bout you say anything ever again and we take your season tickets away"

Douche Bag - (tucked unit between legs and began to sniffle)

(finally, my great conversation on Friday night with Coach Tard)

Tard - "Hey, you must know Leland Anderson huh?"

Me - "Yea, I actually recommended to him that he go to Providence right out of high school"

Tard - "Yea, why did he end up picking Michigan, do you know?"

Me - "Yea, they bought him a car"

Tard - "Whoa are you serious?!?!"

Me - "Hahahaha nah man I made that up."

So there you have it, the best of the one of the best weekends in a while. Had a good time, saw an old friend, and created some great memories. Thanks again to Miguel Pejada, and all the sore losers at the Dunk. N-I-T! N-I-T!

Attleboro High School finally has more to be known for than underachievers, an alcoholic principal, or an extremely large breasted valedictorian. From the city that's brought you Tex Barry's hot dogs, the rise and fall of Balfour, and that sketchy S&M raid downtown, we present, The 2007 Bobby Brown Arrest. That's right, former New Edition front man, Whitney Houston husband, and Dorchester resident Bobby Brown was cuffed and taken out of the Attleboro High School gym this past Sunday after he failed to appear in court for unpaid child support payments. Damn! And I was supposed to be working that event too! Only in Attleboro ladies and gentleman. Only in Attleboro. And most likely anywhere Bobby happens to travel.

Last but not least. My boy Jared Hutter (AKA Lord Shirtless, Nappy Hutts, Lord Edward) showed me this site that allows you to bet on sports and actually win prizes without putting up any money. Check it out, it's called Wagerline and I just added it as one of the links on the top right of this page. Finally, a site that allows us to feed the need without draining the bank account or risking losing limbs to guys named Vinnie Boom Bots.


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Good seeing you before the game, Rooch. We froze our asses off until 5 minutes before tip when we both found some tickets. Total damage: $23 for both. Gotta love the Cuse brethren taking care of each other and traveling in large numbers.

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