Friday, December 29, 2006

NFL Week 17 Picks...New Years Karma For All!

The holiday season may have slowed me down in terms of blogging, but not in terms of winning. My spreading of Christmas cheer apparently brought me some good karma as I went 5-2, so I figured I'd try some of the same this week. First off is more of some reverse karma. I hate the Steelers, so I want them to lose. On top of that, I want Bill Cowher to finally announce that hes actually retiring/being fired. Now if only Big Ben could give Bill a ride home on his motorcycle, then I would really be happy. Next up is the Dolphins. Seeing as they screwed me last week, this week I'm taking the Colts. I wouldn't be surprised if they screw me again, but I have a feeling about Indy heading into the playoffs. I know everyone is down on them right now, but maybe that's exactly where they need to be. Being the favorite wasn't a good role for them, so maybe being the underdog is just what Manning and Co. need to actually get over the top. I know they can't stop anyone from running the ball, but I don't care. As much as I hate to say it, I think all their poor play lately may have finally given this group of veterans the late season kick in the ass they have lacked the past few years. Consider them the most dangerous "wild card" in the AFC playoffs for sure. The Niners are up next, and this one is pretty simple. I like head coaches that wear suits, double digit point spreads, and I really don't like Mike Shanahan. Easy enough. That brings us to Seattle and Tampa. I know I picked Tim Rattay to lead the Bucs on a late season surge, but Seattle losing 4 in a row to end the season? Not likely. This group has too much pride to stumble into the playoffs like that. Besides, you know most of the veterans in Tampa already have their minds on days that involve 4 rounds of 18, not 4 quarters. Finally, I'm sticking with my Patriot karma that did me so well last week. Another week, and another 3 point cushion for the Pats on the road against an AFC South FRAUD. Sure they might sit some guys to help determine who they play in the first round of the playoffs (a la tanking last year to ensure playing the Jags), but anytime Tom and friends are getting points against a rookie QB, I like my chances. Road game or not. Unless I'm mistaken (and you know I'm not), the Pats are 6-1 on the road this year and just came off a road win in which they were a 3 point dog. Karma says.....they do it again. And just for good measure, look out for Pats backup Matt Cassel out-dueling Vince Young down the stretch. Don't say I didn't call it. So there you have it, my final regular season picks of the year. It hasn't been a great year by my standards, but anytime you end up on top you can't really complain. Also, as a special New Years bonus, I've thrown in some BCS Bowl predictions. I don't care too much about those games, so I've spared you my analysis, but enjoy the picks. Catch you in the 0-7 kids, and go easy on the champagne. Those bubbles go straight to the dome!

Week 17 Picks
Cincinnati Bengals (-6) vs Pittsburgh Steelers
Indianapolis Colts (-9) vs Miami Dolphins
San Francisco 49ers (+10.5) @ Denver Broncos
Seattle Seahawks (+3) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
New England Patriots (+3) @ Tennessee Titans

BCS Bowl Picks
Rose Bowl
Michigan Wolverines (pick) vs USC Trojans

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl
Boise St. Broncos (+7.5) vs Oklahoma Sooners

FedEx Orange Bowl
Louisville Cardinals (-10) vs Wake Forest Deamon Deacons

Nokia Sugar Bowl
LSU Tigers (-8.5) vs Notre Dame Fighting Irish

BCS Championship
Florida Gators (+8) vs Ohio St. Buckeyes

2006 NFL Picks Record

Last Week: 5-2-0

2006 Season: 40-33-7 (.544)

2006 Monday Night: 9-9-0 (.500)

Make sure and check back next week for my 2006 NFL Awards and the long awaited re-emergence of the College Hoops Top 10. Hey college kids get time off for the holiday to chill out, so my poll is doin' the same.


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