Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Pats, OJ......Just Killin' Peeps!


Let's not get carried away. I mean after all, it was the lowly Green Bay Packers. But that doesn't mean we can't be encouraged right? There were a lot of things I saw Sunday that made me think the Pats were putting it together. For instance, coming off an injury, G Stephen Neal returned to the lineup and helped stabilize an offensive line that had been leaky at best the last few weeks. You also have to like the way that Ben Watson, Reche Caldwell and the newly acquired Jabar Gaffney stepped up to help Brady in the passing game. But most importantly, I was impressed with the play of a New England defense that was without Rodney Harrison, EugeneWilson, Asante Samuel and playing with a banged up Richard Seymour and Ty Warren. Not only did they post a shutout and give up only 120 yards of total offense, but they hit Brett Favre so hard that he is again addicted to pain killers! Well maybe not, but they did manage to knock him and his backup Aaron Rodgers out of the game, Rodgers actually for the season. So the defense looked good (they're actually 2nd in the NFL and only allow 13 points per game) and the WR corps seems to be coming around. But we've seen that before right? Well let's hope this time it's for real. At the very least it appears that Captain Tom has turned it around. I mean maybe it was the lack of chemistry with his receivers, or myabe he was hurt, or maybe he just had a few off weeks? I personally chose to believe that if Tom Terrific isn't playing well then there has to be some outside force at play, but that's just the diehard confidence and belief I have in the guy. Either way, the Pats will need all the receiving help they can get against the vaunted Bears defense this weekend. Remember how I said the Pats had the 2nd best defense in the league? Well guess who's #1. That's right. So even if Tom and crew do play well, it might not be enough against such a tough D. Hopefully the Pats D can help Rex Grossman revert back to his usual big-game form, and take a little heat off Tom and the offense. No matter what, it's gonna be a great show on the new surface! It's time to christin the new turf baby!

Patriots Update
Last Week: New England Patriots 35 Green Bay Packers 0
Record: 7-3, 1st place in AFC East

Next Week vs Chicago Bears (9-1)

NFL News and Notes
*Let's just get this out of the way. Not only is Ladanian Tomlinson the best player in the NFL right now, it's reasonable to say that over the last few season's he's made a great case for the most talented player ever. Now notice I didn't say "best player ever". I like to save those titles for guys that already have a full body of work, an entire career. But seriously, have you seen this guy play? Not only do his numbers put him on pace to break the single season touchdown record (he has 22 through 10 games and the record is 28), but the guy just can't be stopped. He can catch in the flat, in the middle, over the top, you name it. And I shouldn't even have to mention how great of a runner he is. The guy has had 2 straight 4 touchdown games, and now he gets to play the Raiders. Not only do the Raiders suck, but if LT dropped 4 TDs on the Broncos, a team which he'd never run for more than 60 yards against, then I don't see things going well this week for Art Shell and Co. You gotta love watching this guy, and I'm hoping he goes on to score 35+ TDs this season and leaves no doubt about his greatness.

*Is it me, or does it seem eerily appropriate that Jeff Garcia is now leading the Eagles after Donovan McNabb went down with a season ending injury? Let's recap, Philly fans are fags, and Jeff Garcia is...uhhh...a little light in the loafers? I'll keep sayin it. This is what happens when you consistently boo your own team. Karma's a bitch Philly fan. Just forget football this year and get ready to start booing Ryan Howard in a few months.

*This weekend, if you wore a suit, you won. Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio and 49ers head man Mike Nolan both took advantage of the NFL letting them wear their Reebok suits, and both guys came out winners. They looked sharp, and I say if a coach wants to wear a suit, then they should be allowed to. Why not? As long as they can get the proper logos on there I don't see why it would be an issue. Then again, I didn't think there was a problem with most "group celebrations" that were going on either. Just another example of the NFL trying to live up to it's moniker, the "No Fun League".

*Wait. FOX decided that airing OJ Simpson's interview entitled "If I Did It" was a bad idea? After taking a lot of heat over the past week or so, FOX owner Rupert Murdock decided that it wasn't in the networks best interest to air the special in which OJ described how the crimes would have gone down had he actually committed them. I don't get it. You know they already filmed this thing, you know the book has already been written, and you know he already did do it! We saw the trial, we've seen the E! True Hollywood Story. I mean hell you paid the Brown and Goldman families over $30 million! How I did it? How bout you snuck up on Nicole and Ron and stabbed them to death? Then you got off because of any of a million reasons you chose to believe. I say air it FOX. Why the hell not. I want to watch it. What's better TV than a former NFL star lying to a national audience about the double murder he "allegedly" committed. But Juice, come on man. I don't know what world he's living in, but I'm guessing it's one where he and Kato Kaelin are some sort of supreme beings.

My NFL Picks
Last Week: 3-3-0

Overall: 32-30-5

*Blah blah blah. As much as I wish I did bet when I do well, it only takes a few weeks like this to remind me that I should stick to poker, blackjack and roulette. At least I know my odds in the those games before I start. Stupid Vegas. Another week like this and I'm gonna have a monkey start flipping a coin. That's about what I'm doin' now anyway.

*Good news. We can stop talking about Rutgers! You new they couldn't go the whole season unbeaten. I mean hell, they are Rutgers right? And with the pride of Dirty Jerz falling to the Ill Natti this weekend, all eyes can finally focus on the real big games remaining. Michigan might still be #2 in the BCS after losing to Ohio St., but there are still plenty of teams and games that can change all that before New Years. The two biggest of those games are the SEC championship game, Arkansas vs Florida, and this weekend's battle in Pasadena between USC and Notre Dame. We all remember what happened when these teams met last year, and this year there is just as much riding on the line. While I don't see Notre Dame jumping Michigan in the BCS even if they win (seeing as Michigan blew out ND in South Bend), a Fighting Irish win could help clear the path for the SEC winner. Then there's this scenario. What if Arkansas and Notre Dame both win out in the regular season. Do you give one of them a shot at Ohio St., or do you let Michigan take another shot? Well, it all depends on how you view the BCS. If you think it should match up the two best teams, then maybe Michigan should be in the game. But what's that gonna prove? You're telling me Michigan could go 1-1 against Ohio St. and end up with the title? That doesn't sound right. So does that mean Michigan gets passed over simply so another team can have a shot? Well that doesn't sound right either. I personally just don't think a rematch is fair. Ohio St. can't be asked to beat Michigan twice, and Michigan can't lay claim to the title by going 1-1 against the Bucks. This year more than any in recent memory just make any system not involving some sort of playoff look stupid. And while I still hope for a great finish

College Football Top 10
1. Ohio St. (12-0) 1
2. Florida (10-1) 4
3. USC (9-1) 9
4. Michigan (11-1) 2
5. Arkansas (10-1) 10
6. Notre Dame (10-1) 7
7. West Virginia (9-1) 8
8. Texas (9-2) 5
9. Wisconsin (11-1) NR
10. Boise St. (11-0) NR

just missed: Louisville, LSU, Auburn
dropped: (3) Auburn, (6) Louisville

Games To Watch this Week
Boston College @ Miami (Thursday)
*In the grand scheme of things, this game may not be much, but there are a few interesting story lines here. Nevermind that it's a Thursday prime time game, it's got the intrigue of a BC team trying to cement itself at the top of the ACC, as well as the rumors of Steve Spurrier possibly heading to Miami as head coach next season. The best athletes in the country with the best offensive coach under 300 pounds in the country (gotta give my boy Charlie props there), and both with the biggest chips on their shoulders. You gotta love that combo.

Notre Dame @ USC
*Let's put it this way. If you like Ohio St., then you're rooting for USC and if you like Michigan then you're rooting for Notre Dame. Seeing as the Wolverines smacked the Irish around earlier this season in South Bend, if the Irish beat the Trojans, than it would mean Michigan would still be the #1 1-loss team in the eyes of many. I personally don't see how a one loss SEC champ doesn't get in, but hell, Auburn went undefeated in the SEC (which was ranked the strongest conference in the country that year) and still didn't get a shot at the BCS title. What a great system!

LSU @ Arkansas
*This game may not mean much in the way of the standings (Arkansas has already clinched a spot in the SEC title game), but hey it should still be one hell of a game. And besides, I want as many teams in the one-loss category as possible come the post season. That's the plan isn't it? Embarrass the BCS to the point where they're forced to create a playoff system.

Wake Forest @ Maryland
*The battle for the ACC Atlantic is far from opver. At 5-2 in the ACC, Maryland and Wake are tied for the division lead with Boston College. Winner of this will greatly improve which bowl they attend this year, and we all know how everyone loves their bowl money!

*It's the most wonderful time of the year! No, I'm not talking about the holiday season, I'm talkin' the start of the college hoops season. There's nothing I like more than college hoops, and this year is setting up to be one of the best in recent memory. National powers like Duke, UCONN and Kentucky seem to be in rebuilding mode, while upstarts like Ohio St., Marquette and Texas A&M start the season as a few of the key teams to watch as the season unfolds. And of course, the biggest storyline of the season, do the Florida Gators have a chance of being the first team since the '91-'92 Dukies to repeat as National champs. Well, without question they bring back the most talent in the form of Joakim Noah, Al Horford and Corey Brewer, all of whom opted to stay in college despite being guaranteed first round draft picks. But we all know how hard it can be to survive the college hoops regular season, let alone the grind of March Madness. Hey, I'm just anxious to see it all unfold as usual. And I even got Cuse in my top 10 to start the season! No hating this year boys and girls. I am a full out Paul Harris fan. Still screw Darryl Watkins though. So here's my debut top 10. And make sure to check back each week for news and notes on NCAA hoops, my All-American picks and more...*

College Basketball Top 10
1. Florida (4-0)
2. LSU (2-0)
3. UNC (3-0)
4. Pittsburgh (5-0)
5. Ohio St. (4-0)
6. Texas A&M (4-0)
7. Wisconsin (3-0)
8. Alabama (3-0)
9. Syracuse (4-0)
10. Washington (4-0)

just missed: Marquette, Kansas, Duke, Memphis

Fantasy Update
Last Week: Otis Nixon's Pubes 66 Juan J 41
Record: 6-5-0, 9th place

Next Week vs Team RamRod (6-5-0)

*Well don't look now, but I'm actually making my move. After a 2-4 start, I'm 4-1 over my last 5 and right on the cusp of a playoff birth. My remaining schedule is still a good news/bad news situation. I still have to play KB this week, who is 6-5 and right ahead of me in 8th, and next week I battle with Pape in the season finale who is also 6-5 and currently sits in the final playoff spot. So if I win out, not only will I be at 8-5, but both of them will have at least 6 losses, putting me in at least 7th place. That still won't be enough for a playoff birth, but hey all I can do is try to win my own games. And yea, if I lose by a tie-breaker, I'll prolly start cutting myself.


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