Friday, October 06, 2006

NFL Week 5 Picks

*As expected, all the talk this week has been about T.O's return to Philadelphia. Many have asked the question, will the no-class Philly fans cross the line in attempts to bring down Owens and get into his head? Probably. I'm sure you will see a smattering of signs in the stands that read something like "Try Again" or "Too Bad You Didn't Succeed", eluding of course to his much publicized "attempted suicide". But for once I could care less. I will watch the game if it's on, but since I have Terry Glenn on my fantasy team I am actually hoping the Eagles spend extra effort trying to shut down Owens, leaving my main man wide open for a few TDs. Other than that, there are a lot of other good games this week. Coming off of a 2-3 week, I am taking an unusual strategy of taking 4 favorites, 2 by 10 or more points, and 4 of them at home. In my experience doing this will either give me a 4-1 week or better, or see me fall flat on my face to the tune of 1-4 or 0-5. But you know what. That's how I roll. My only fear is that I go 4-1 and my only loss is the Patriots game. But since they are going to toss the Phins all around Gillette, I'm not all that worried. Hopefully another big week from the Pats WR corps will silence all the trade speculation about Randy Moss coming to New England. Either way it's not going to happen, so don't worry, but the sooner this story can disappear in the local media, the better. Straight Cash Homie!*

Week 5 Picks
Minnesota Vikings (-6.5) vs Detroit Lions
St. Louis Rams (-3) @ Green Bay Packers
New England Patriots (-9.5) vs Miami Dolphins
San Diego Chargers (-3) vs Pittsburgh Steelers
Chicago Bears (-10) vs Buffalo Bills

Monday Night
Denver Broncos (-4) vs Baltimore Ravens

Last Week: 2-3-0
Monday Night: 1-0-0

2006 Season: 11-11-3


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