Friday, September 29, 2006

NFL Week 4 Picks, No Shoe Laces Allowed

*It's been impossible to escape the T.O media storm this week. Did he attempt to kill himself, or was it just a miscommunication? Well, without getting too deep into it, I'd like to throw my point of view out there. Now that all of the "facts" are supposedly out there, there are still a lot of questions I need answered. If Kim Etheredge, T.O's publicist, claims she doesn't remember T.O having pills in his mouth, then why is she heard talking about those pills on the 911 tape. Also, if Owens was in and out of the hospital on Tuesday night, and the story didn't hit the media until Wednesday morning, then why did Etheredge complain of having a "bad night" and why did she look like she had been thrown around in a dumpster for the past 24 hours? I mean is it too much to ask that she cleans herself up before addressing millions of people? And finally for Kim, how bad of a publicist is she? Isn't the point of hiring a publicist so that they can prevent incidents like this from reaching the media as opposed to turning an "accidental overdose" into a national phenomena? But Kim can't take all the blame here that's for sure. Looking back, is it just coincidence that one day after being told he didn't have time off to go see his 7-year-old son for his birthday, and separating from his fiance of 3 years, a man renowned for how well he takes care of his body has an accidental drug overdose? Combine all that with reports during the day Tuesday from various anonymous former teammates and friends that T.O had been depressed, and that's a lot of smoke. Now, just because there's smoke doesn't mean there's fire, but usually there is something more than we are being told. So, allow me to give you my opinion, based solely on what I've pieced together from TV and radio reports over the past few days. After being dumped by his fiance, and feeling depressed for reason ranging from missing his son's birthday to being unhappy as a sports-media villain, Owen's found refuge in the arms of his publicist, Kim Etheredge. After they took a roll in the supportive hay, Owens realized that his life was out of control. He wasn't happy in Dallas, his personal life or the way he was viewed in the media. In a moment of severe weakness, T.O decided it was all too much for him to handle and swallowed a bunch of pain killers in an attempt to take his own life. So there's my take. Do I have any real evidence? Of course I don't. But what I do have is my gut feeling boys and girls, and since when isn't that good enough? And speaking of gut feelings, here is what my intestines are telling me to do for Week 4 of the NFL season. Only managed 1 notch in the dubya column last week, but as always I am looking to go a cool 6-0. I strive for perfection here folks. And no matter how sketchy my picks may seem, you can guarantee I wasn't under the influence of any prescription drugs when I made them, or so says my publicist.*

Week 4 Picks
Atlanta Falcons (-7) vs Arizona Cardinals
Miami Dolphins (-2.5) @ Houston Texans
Jacksonville Jaguars (-3) @ Washington Redskins
Chicago Bears (-3) vs Seattle Seahawks
San Francisco 49ers (+7) @ Kansas City Chiefs

Monday Night
Philadelphia Eagles (-11) vs Green Bay Packers

Last Week: 1-2-2
Monday Night: 0-1-0

2006 Season: 8-8-3


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