Monday, July 24, 2006

Belichick Lookin' For Another Ring....Sort Of

Tiger Roars, Captures 11th Major Title
The rest of the field should have brought their health care cards to the British Open this week, because my main man Tiger Woods was putting on a clinic. After opening with a solid round, it was his eagle from the fairway at #14 on Friday that sent the message to the field that this was his tournament to win or lose. Tiger just went out and did what he does best. He led the field in fairways hit, was a total of -14 on the par 5s for the week and he attacked only those pins that were accessible instead of forcing in tough shots. That's how Tiger typically wins a major championship, and he's gotten quite good at perfecting his formula. The win at Royal Liverpool marked Woods' 3rd British Open title and his 11th major, placing him in a tie for second all-time behind Nicklaus' 18. I have always said it was only a matter of time before Tiger passed Jack for the record, and I still believe it. My only worry early on in his career was that he might get so much better than the competition that he could lose interest and retire. But now that there seem to be many staunch competitors every week, whether it's Phil, Goosen, Ernie, Sergio or Furyk, I don't see Mr. Woods hanging it up anytime soon. Plus, he has always said that the goal that drove him the most was capturing 19 or more majors. So while he may have missed the cut a few weeks back at the US Open, Tiger Woods put all of his critics to rest and did what he always does, win the Big One. As for my man Phil this week? I told you it would be unfair to expect a lot from him in a tournament he always does poorly in, and it looks like I was right. Despite having played more holes than any other pro on Royal Liverpool, Phatty finished more than 10 shots back and was never seriously in contention. He may not have missed the cut, but having Tiger blow him out of the water is good enough for me.

Bill Belichick Stole My Wife!
Apparently the saying is true. You should always be weary of the quiet ones. At least that's what Vincent Shenocca is saying. Shenocca, a local Jersey man, claims that recently divorced New England Patriot head coach Bill Belichick is trying to steal his wife. Apparently, Bill sent a limousine to pick up Shenocca's wife and bring her to a Bon Jovi concert (Bill and Jon Bon Jovi have been good friends for years) where it's assumed she was accompanied by the head coach himself. Nobody really knows for sure what happened, and you know we aren't going to get any information from Belichick himself, so this one may remain a guessing game for a while. My opinion? Hey if it takes an elicit affair to keep this guy happy, that's fine by me. I'll start caring about what he does in his personal life when one of two things happen. The Pats start to lose, or the Feds find 20 or so bodies chopped up and neatly piled in his freezer.
Tour de Force?
Much like the Stanley Cup, nobody watched, but somebody won. I suppose I will offer some congratulations to American Floyd Landis, who made it 8 straight Tour de France wins for the US. The one thing that bothers me (other than the fact that I am again writing about a sport that doesn't deserve my valuable web space) is the talk after the race about how Landis did it all with a degenerative bone condition. Now I'm not trying to deny the validity of the report, or even hint that Landis doesn't have injuries, but doesn't this sound like they are trying to make him into some sort of pseudo Lance? Can't we have a cyclist that won because he was the best, instead of one that overcame ridiculous odds to "not only beat his competitors, but beat death as well". Sure that's not a direct quote, but I think it gets my point across pretty well. Just like I said before the tour started, it would take another racer narrowly escaping death and coming back to win to capture our attention again. So that's where all this crap is coming from. Degenerative bone condition? Something tells me that's not going to spawn a million dollar yellow bracelet business. Although I wouldn't be surprised if it lands him a Milk ad campaign. "Hi, I'm Floyd Landis. Right after I dusted a bunch of blood doping Eurotrash at the 2006 Tour de Crap, I pounded down a huge glass of milk. Sure it was over 100 degrees out, but that cow juice went down so smooth, it made me forget that I was in France doing a sport that nobody cares about!"

The latest buzz about online gambling has not been encouraging to say the least. With a few states already passing laws to make online poker, blackjack and sports betting illegal, now it's getting national attention. And with a slew of elections coming up this November, it's sure to get even more attention. The problem is, the US government doesn't get a piece of this more than $2 billion a year pie. I really don't play online poker as much as I used to, but I don't see why it should ever be illegal. Having gambling be illegal makes about as much sense to me as prohibition. Take casinos for example. They bring in tons of state and city revenue, create hundreds if not thousands of jobs and create a tourist destination. Sure some of you might say that some casinos create a seedy and unsavory atmosphere, but you all know you're referring to Atlantic City. And we know that has nothing to do with the casinos, and more to do with the fact that they lie on the sewage farm that is the Jersey shore. So don't do away with gambling on the internet, just regulate it. If it can be regulated, the government can take their little cut of the pie, and the rest of us can keep on blowing our paychecks on 12 team teasers and 2000 people poker tournaments.

Red Sox Update

Last Week: 5-2
Overall: 59-38
Standings: 1st by 2.5 games

*Talk about having ups and downs. After limping out of the gate last week, the Sox got the antidote for the post All-Star blues in the form of a home sweep of the Kansas City Royals. That's the good news. The bad news is the latest trade rumors surrounding 3B Mike Lowell and the fact that Timmy Wakes is on the DL for the first time since 1997. Also not encouraging is the fact we still have Kyle Snyder in out rotation, but as long as we keep winning, I'll let that slide for a few more weeks. And what the hell happened with Coco on that inside the park home run? I better not see that again anytime soon or he may end up in my doghouse next to Willie Harris and Julian Tavares.

Diamonds Are Forever
*So apparently Shea Hillenbrand was challenged to a fight by his former manager John Gibbons after Shea wrote "this is a sinking ship" on the blackboard in the Blue Jays locker room. So faster than John Daly running after a Jack Daniels truck, Shea was shipped out to San Francisco. I remember when Shea left Boston and he was bitter towards the Red Sox front office. He claimed he was slighted and treated with disrespect, despite the fact that GM Theo Epstein flew from Boston to Toronto to tell Shea the news personally, rather than calling him or having a lower level exec give him the news. So after this latest blow up in Toronto, where Shea says Blue Jay officials disrespected him by not congratulating him on adopting a baby, I've come to the conclusion that Shea is a cry baby. When he doesn't play every day, he cries. When he gets traded, he cries. Give it up Shea. We're all sick of your act, and if you pull another stunt on your way out from your next team, you may be saying goodbye to baseball for good.

*Alex Rodriguez is going through some tough times these days, and it takes a lot for me to say that about a guy that makes more than $17,000 an inning. But lately, A-Rod has not only continued to struggle in clutch hitting situations, but now his fielding is suffering as well. In his first two full seasons as a 3rd baseman, he made a combined 25 errors, yet this year he already has 18! It's gotten to the point where Joe Torre even had to bench him in the last inning of a close game. Sure they all came out and said it was a foot injury that's throwing him off, but even if that's true nobody is going to believe it or even accept it as an excuse. The fact is, the pressure of NY is getting to A-Rod. AKA He's pulling a Chuck Knoblauch or to a lesser extent a Steve Sax or a Mackey Sasser. Sure Alex had been booed by the Bronx faithful before, but now it's becoming an every day thing and that can't help but make him feel awful. But like i said, I don't feel bad for him and you shouldn't either. He's paid to perform like an All-Star under immense pressure, and if he doesn't start doing that, he and his .277 average are going to get booed right out of the Big Apple and right into the history books as a player who always choked in the clutch.

*Apparently Ozzie Guillen is now mad at Jon Garland for not retaliating when a White Sox hitter was beaned this weekend. Ozzie needs to understand that maybe not everyone in his clubhouse has his mentality when it comes to things like this. My take is this. There are three types of players when it comes to situations like this. 1) This player will take it upon his own to make sure justice is done 2) This player may not want to do it, but if asked will more than likely oblige, and 3) This player doesn't give a rat's ass what Ozzie Guillen says and he won't intentionally hit anyone, end of story. Guess which one I think Jon Garland is?

Fantasy Update
Last Week: 11-8-3
Overall: 163-143-46 (28.5 games back)
Week 17 vs KlasicKountryKaterin

*Last week I played against the cellar dweller, and this week I get the occupant of the penthouse. But you know what they say, to be the best you have to beat the best. And a big win this week would hopefully give my team a good jolt in the right direction.

*And just another reminder. If you're interested in fantasy football drop me a line...


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