Monday, April 24, 2006

Reg-gie! Reg-gie! Reg-gie!

Bush Finally Wins Popular Vote
If you don't think the Texans would be insane to pass on Reggie Bush, and should take a chance on the kid from Texas, then you should stop reading now. I don't want to hear how the Texans have "larger areas of need", how Dominick Davis is a good enough RB or even how drafting Vince Young would give the franchise a huge ticket boost. I don't even want to hear about these new allegations that Bush's family lived in a house given to them by an agent named Michael Michaels. (Although I must say any involvement with a guy who has the same first name as last name does arouse suspicion) Bush is a once in a generation, or even once in a lifetime type talent. Unless some team bowls the Texans over with multiple first round picks and maybe a player as a trade offer, I don't see them moving from the #1 spot, and I don't see them passing on Bush. Their negotiations with DE Mario Williams is just another smoke screen in order to perhaps garner more trade offers. As for the rest of the first round, well it all comes down to where the 3 QB's will fall. As long as Leinhart, Young and Cutler are on the board, many teams will be faced with the difficult decision of whether to take them or not. There is also a log jam at both defensive line and defensive back. Whether your talking about Brodrick Bunkley, Mario Williams, Jonathan Joseph, or Tye Hill, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That's what makes the draft so interesting every year. Different teams become enamored with players for reasons the public may never understand. That's why in my mock draft, I took the liberty to make some picks that may seem a little risky. You never know what's going to happen on draft day, but one thing is for sure. Just like every draft before and after it, there will be some big mistakes and some late round steals. That's the nature of the beast. So here's how I think things will shake out...

Mock Draft
1. Houston Texans - Reggie Bush RB USC
2. New Orleans Saints - D'brickashaw Ferguson T Virginia
3. Tennessee Titans - Matt Leinhart QB USC
4. New York Jets - Mario Williams DE NC St.
5. Green Bay Packers - AJ Hawk LB Ohio St.
6. San Francisco 49ers - Vernon Davis TE Maryland
7. Oakland Raiders - Vince Young QB Texas
8. Buffalo Bills - Chad Jackson WR Florida
9. Detroit Lions - Michael Huff DB Texas
10. Arizona Cardinals - Winston Justice T USC
11. St. Louis Rams - Jay Cutler QB Vanderbilt
12. Cleveland Browns - Brodrick Bunkley DT Florida St.
13. Baltimore Ravens - Hanoli Ngata DT Oregon
14. Philadelphia Eagles - Santonio Holmes WR Ohio St.
15. Denver Broncos - DeAngelo Williams RB Memphis
16. Miami Dolphins - Ernie Sims LB Florida St.
17. Minnesota Vikings - Kamerion Wimbley DE Florida St.
18. Dallas Cowboys - Jonathan Joseph DB South Carolina
19. San Diego Chargers - Tye Hill DB Clemson
20. Kansas City Chiefs - Donte Whitner DB Ohio St.
21. New England Patriots - Jimmy Williams DB Virginia Tech

Yeah that's right. My mock draft stops right after the Patriots pick. Basically it's because I am too lazy to do the rest of the first round, and they are far enough into the first round where this is somewhat acceptable. And to those of you in fantasy NFL draft leagues, this should be enough for you to get by. I'm talking' to you 25 sloppy!

Bonds on BondS
Now I promised myself I wouldn't watch Barry Bonds show on ESPN "Bonds on Bonds". And while I haven't sat down and watched an episode, it's been impossible to avoid seeing or hearing clips from the show. I mean the media is covering the show even closer than they are Bar-roid's actual actions on the field this year. So in one clip I hear Barry saying how "Barry Bonds has passed every drug test major league baseball has given him". Gee thanks for that Bar, but we already know the shit you were taking was deigned to beat modern drug tests! Human growth hormone or HGH, isn't detected by MLB's tests. And "the cream" and "the clear" allegedly supplied to Barry by BALCO? Those drugs were deigned to beat drug tests, period. So Barry passing MLB's test is equivalent to a heroin addict passing a drug test screening only for cocaine. It's too expensive for MLB to test for these designer drugs, and when and if their technology does catch up with science, Barry will be long gone. Let's just hope he doesn't get the HR record first. So keep up the good work with your FRAUD of a show Bar-roid. Maybe one day you will be ale to look back on this and laugh. Oh wait, that will be me looking back and laughing. Hell, I'm laughing already. Ha!

Red Sox Update
Last Week: 4-3
Overall: 12-7
Standings: 1st place by 1.5 games

*Sox really struggled this week after rolling out to 8-4 to start the season. Manny is starting to hit though, and if the guys at the top can continue to set the table for Manny and Papi, more runs should be in the Sox future. Hopefully the starting pitching can continue to be excellent, and the middle relief can do a better job bridging the gap from the starters to Jonathan "don't call me Rick Vaughn" Papelbon. Wild Thing!....You Make My Heart Sing!!!

Diamonds Are Forever

*You really have to hand it to the MetsNot only did they come back to beat the Padres 7-3 on Thursday, they did it in style. For starters, second baseman Kaz Matsui homered in his first at-bat of the season, for the third year in a row. Too bad he has only managed 8 more in 728 professional ABs. Then, to cap off a come from behind win after being stifled by Jake Peavy for 7 innings, Julio Franco produced a 2-run homer. Not only did it help the Mets win, it made the 47 year old Franco the oldest player ever to hit a homerun. I think its obvious that the guy is 50+, which makes it even more remarkable. I mean this man played in his first pro season with the Phillies in 1982. Before I was born! And look at him, he's still a physical specimen and his still rockin' dingers with that big loopy swing of his. I told ya I had a feeling about the Mets this year, and it's stuff like this that has me keepin' the faith.

*From the forever young, to maybe the not so physically gifted. I recently heard of a poll that was done to rank the world's 100 Most Unsexy men. Randy Johnson finished second on this list, and deservedly so, and comedian Gilbert Gottfried finished first. Now while I am not going to argue that both of those men are disgustingly ugly, I do believe there is one name that still trumps them all. You may have forgotten this man because he is out of the public eye, but I'm sure he was hoping to place higher than 30th on this list in order to have some sort of comeback. Perhaps a turn in the Surreal Life house? Who is this you ask? The man, the legend, former Yankee, Indian, Expo, Ranger, Blue Jay, Braves, Twins, Dodgers and Red Sox outfielder OTIS NIXON!!
I mean look at the man, do I really need to say any more? Hang in there Otis, I'm sure your big break is coming soon. And yes, this was the mug shot taken after he tried to stab his body guard while he was naked and chasing hookers around his hotel room.

*Fresh Fish? After shelling out $55 million this off-season to AJ Burnett, Toronto GM JP Riccardi and his staff are probably wondering the same thing. Only 4 innings into his second start of the year, Burnett began experiencing pain in his right elbow. This is nothing new for Burnett, who has spent the better part of 3 seasons on the DL in the past with arm troubles. AJ isn't young, at 29 years old, and while he has electric stuff, he often seems to have some issue, whether it's physical or mental. I still don't see how you give $55 million to a pitcher who has a career record of 49-50 with an ERA around 3.80. I know a pitcher's prime comes later than a hitter's, but at age 29 Burnett was not worth the risk. Not with his track record. To make matters worse, he lost the final 7 decisions of his Marlin's career, and left on terrible terms with manager Jack McKeon. It seems like Burnett's name was brought up so frequently around the trading deadline last season, and it was often said how if put in the right system, maybe he could finally learn to harness his ability. It seems now that it may have had nothing to do with the situation, and more to do with Burnett's inability to put it all together. AJ was supposed to be the #2 in the Blue Jays rotation in hope's of taking some pressure off of a rehabilitated Roy Halladay, instead he is the #1 off-season signing to hit the DL so far this year. So far all of you who wanted your team to trade for Burnett last summer, be thankful your GM is smarter than you. As for the Jays, they better pray Burnett can get his act together, or they may be the ones trying to shop him at this year's trading deadline.

*The White Sox and Astros, the two teams that were in the World Series last year, have the best record in the majors at 13-5. Oh yea, and even more impressive? The two teams I selected to make the World Series are 13-5 (White Sox) and 12-6 (Mets). Hey I realize its been about 3 weeks, but it makes me look good anyway so I'll take it.

*Yet another Met note. In another game against the Padres, Met's announcer Keith Hernandez had this to say upon seeing the Padres female message therapist in the dugout. "I won't say women belong in the kitchen, but they certainly don't belong in the dugout." Needless to say, women have not been responding well. My recommendation for Keith on how to handle this? You're Keith Hernandez! You won the MVP! Say whatever the hell you want.

Fantasy Update
I was able to pick up Tim Wakefield this week, tying my season high with 3 Red Sox on my team. I drafted both Schilling and Loretta, and had Mike Lowell on my team for about a week before I released him this pick up former Boston farmhand Hanley Ramirez, who oddly enough was traded to Florida in a deal that included Lowell. More or less I got Hanley because I think it's funny. I doubt he will see much playing time behind Miguel Tejada on my squad, but the way he has been hitting it couldn't hurt to give him a look. Someone needs to pick up the slack the way Loretta has been swingin' the bat lately.

Week 3 Final Score: 8-11-3
Record: 30-25-11 (3rd place 4.5 games back)

Week 4 vs Mikey's Studs (36-22-8) <----he's in first place, should be a battle

Let The King Reign
I know I said last week I had nothing to say about the NBA, but I retract that to bring you this plea. LeBron James for MVP. I know there are a lot of different ways of looking at who should be the MVP. Whether it's the best player on a good team, best player overall, most important player to their team, and so on. But I think LeBron is flat out the best player in the NBA. He does just as much for his team as Nash or Billups, he led a team to the playoffs that was saddled by injury, and he's as good a pure player as Kobe, Wade, Duncan or Nowitzki. King James is only 21 years old, and that shouldn't be held against him. We should be appreciating the fact we get to watch this guy play for his entire career. We are in the presence of greatness, and I for one don't think it's too early to start rewarding him. He's only going to get better, but he's still this year's MVP.

*After I wrote this, LeBron posted a triple double (32 pts 11 reb 11 asst) in his first ever playoff game. Need I say more...


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