Friday, January 06, 2006


*Its time for the playoffs, everybody's favorite time of year. The pretenders are gone, and only the contenders are left. Who will make it to Detroit for Super Bowl XL? Only time will tell. But so far the favorites have to be Indy and Seattle out front, with Denver, New England and maybe even Chicago rounding out the trendy picks. My preseason prediction of New England over Carolina is still alive, but looking less likely with each passing week. My prediction now? Well its hard to say, due to my affection for the Pats. So for now, until one of my preseason picks is eliminated, I am sticking with the Pats and Panthers. Should be an exciting weekend, and who knows, maybe I will even get a few picks right!*

Wild Card Picks
Washington Redskins (+2.5) over Tampa Bay Bucs
New England Patriots (-7.5) over Jacksonville Jaguars
New York Giants (-2.5) over Carolina Panthers
Pittsburgh Steelers (-3) over Cincinnati Bengals

Playoffs: 0-0-0
Regular Season: 52-27-3 (.634)
Monday Night: 10-7-0 (.588)

**After the NFL playoffs are over I will be devoting most of my blog to college hoops, gearing up for the NCAA tourney this March. Also, I decided in my wisdom that I should let conference play work itself out a little to see who the real players are before I return to my college hoops top 10.**