Saturday, October 01, 2005

NFL News, Notes and Week 4 Picks

*Nothing like a 2-3 week to take me down off of my high horse. Well this is what we call a rebound week boys and girls. It's time to bounce back and reclaim my status as a premier handicapper. Ok, so maybe that was never the case, but nonetheless, I'm taking my shots again this week with a new batch of hot picks.*

Week 4 Picks
Seattle Seahawks (+2) over Washington Redskins
New Orleans Saints (PK) over Buffalo Bills
Cincinnatti Bengals (-10) over Houston Texans
San Fansisco 49ers @ Arizona Cardinals over 43.5
Indianapolis Colts (-7) over Tennessee Titans

Monday Night
Carolina (-7.5) over Green Bay

Record: 9-5-1
Monday Night: 3-1-0

Philadelphia Eagles @ Kansas City Chiefs
* Tough road game for a banged up Eagles team, and a stern test for a Kansas City team fresh off a monday night trouncing courtesy of the Denver Broncos. Both teams are actually have serious injury concerns: The Eagles with McNabb banged up, and the Chiefs have several key pieces of their revamped defense dinged up with Ryan Sims and Carlos Hall. That being said, neither team will use injuries as an excuse this week, and both teams will try to establish the running game early in order to control the flow of the game. Both Brian Westbrook and the combination of Larry Johnson/Priest Holmes are huge weapons for their respective teams with the ability to break the game open. Kansas City is a tough place to play for anyone, and should serve as a substantial advantage for the Chiefs this week. Whoever loses this game, however, will find themselves at merely 2-2. Since both have Super Bowl aspirations, thats going to be a tough pill to swallow so early in the season. So look for both teams to come out with a sense of urgency, even though its only week 4.

NFL News and Notes
*Everybody officially off the Ben Roethisberger bandwagon? Good. Now let's talk about the real problem in Pittsburgh, and thats Bill Cowher's inability to win big games. I mean has Cowher ever beaten the Patriots? Besides what is now looking like a flukey win last year at Heinz Field, the answer is no. Cowher may come off as a great coach with "the stare" that he gives on the sideline, or the way he gets physical with his players, Cowher is mediocre at best. Look at it this way, Playing in one of the weakest divisions in football the past few years, Cowher's Steelers have gone 44-19-1 in the regular season. But, over that same span, they are only a meager 3-3 in the platoffs. Thats run-of-the-mill for Cowher, who has a career playoff record of 8-9.

*Hellllllo Brooks Bollinger. I love Wisconsin Badgers as much as the next guy, but the speed at which the QB position has delcined in NY is remarkable. After Chad and Fiedler went down, that left the already struggling offense in the hands of the 3rd year man Brooks Bollinger who last started when he was a senior in Wisconsin. Oh but don't worry Jet fans, you jsut signed Vinny! That's right Vinny is back to save the Jets again. Only problem, hes 41 years old and hasn' had any real success to speak of since he replaced an injured Pennington in 2003. Well it should be fun to watch, if only for people who don't like the Jets!

*Before we hand the Lombardi trophy to the Colts because of their improved defense, let's remember why the Colts have failed to reach the Super Bowl the past few years. Believe if or not its been that record setting offense that has held them back in the big games. Last year, Manning and his 49 TD passes only managed 3 points against the stingy Patriots defense in Foxboro. The key for the Colts will be to keep winning so they can have home field advantage during the playoffs and avoid traveling to hostile places like Foxboro or Pittsburgh.

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